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The creative folks behind online marketing & sales partner with Wiser to stop thinking about data and start acting upon it. How? We help you increase revenue with our online solutions.

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Retailers’ online marketing & sales teams find the value in Wiser solutions when they’re struggling to scale data collection across channels.

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Protect market price and avoid margin degradation

Reprice products automatically based on predetermined rules

Monitor competitors’ MAP compliance

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Mary is a creative Chief Marketing Officer. She brought on Wiser to monitor competitor prices across their webstores and ensure her prices met industry standards. This improved return on advertising spend.

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Understand your competitors and manage your price position. Wiser’s whitepaper on Market Price Index explains how and why this is possible.

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Jeffrey is an adept Marketing Director. He turned to Wiser to compare competitor promotions across homepages, email campaigns, and Twitter accounts. This helped him to craft more effective, visual promotions during key sales periods.

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Marketing Director

Then take a look:

Achieve your online pricing goals. See how one national retailer partnered with Wiser to optimize prices, track competitors, and improve their business.

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case study

How online solutions work.

Wiser’s online solutions range from price monitoring to automated repricing. Here’s how it works.

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Eliminate manual monitoring with automated data collection

Monitor for MAP violators, pricing trends, promotions, and more

Analyze data on your personalized online dashboard

Make confident decisions that drive results

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