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Spend your time on efforts that increase revenue.

Find your next competitive advantage by being able to see, understand, and act on your in-store presence in near real-time. It’s better shelf intelligence and easier retail execution.

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More Efficient Retail Sales Execution

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Retail Data

Support your teams, wherever they are, by giving them actionable insights that they can use to win at the shelf, from conversations with retailers to trade promotion planning and everything in between.

Recommend a more profitable assortment to retail buyers based on a combination of in-store insights and sales data.

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Simplify data collection of standard compliance metrics across your desired stores.

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Use real-time data to identify and prioritize the stores that have the greatest potential for increased sales.

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Monitor the Shelf and Store Compliance

Get the data you need from the locations that matter most so your teams can measure and improve conditions at the shelf or inside the store.

Unify critical in-store data streams in one application to create a comprehensive global view of shelves and stores.

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Skip formulaic and rigid surveys and create flexible, easily customizable missions for a global network of mystery shoppers.

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Inform future trade promotion planning by proactively monitoring stores to see where trade spend made it to the shelf.

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Optimize Your Team Performance

Purpose-built for CPG, quickly deploy our mobile app and dashboards that balance ease-of-use with advanced data workflows and customizable reports.

Replace emailing spreadsheets back and forth with one portal accessible by marketing, merchandising, pricing, executives, and other teams.

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Move quicker once a decision is made by easily communicating the plan to your retail network of brokers, distributors, and retailers.

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Visualize retail execution across retailers with easily digestible scorecards so your management has the right metrics in their hands.

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Leverage standardized workflows, configurable scorecards, and field team tools to make better business decisions backed by real-time data.

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Are Your Spreadsheets Still Good Enough?

The Old Way

  • Clunky and costly software implementation.

    Your software vendors have built complicated, confusing software that doesn’t work well with your existing systems. As a bonus, they charge a ton for it.

  • Rigid, inflexible tools.

    The service you’ve subscribed to is lacking the customization and advanced features your growing company will soon need.

  • Multiple point solutions.

    To achieve your objectives, your team must sign up for many different point solutions, each promising to address one specific business need.

The New Way

  • Plug and play software.

    Ditch the painful onboarding and constant breakdowns with software that is easy to implement, easier to understand, and best of all—not going to eat your entire budget.

  • A comprehensive, customizable toolset.

    Ensure you’re never at a competitive disadvantage with a retail execution suite that gives you better data and more actionability than your competitors have.

  • The Commerce Execution Suite.

    Partner with one solutions provider to replace all those point solutions with a global Commerce Execution Suite—tools for every channel.

Why Choose Wiser

Data You Can Get

It’s nearly impossible to gather data from all the stores you want if you’re relying only on your internal field teams. Our retail execution suite is built on a global network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers that can be deployed quickly and affordably into as many stores as you need. That means more insights, on your desk, faster.

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Data You Can Trust

Of course, data is only as good as it is accurate. That’s why we employ an in-house team of data validators to review all submissions from our global crowd. Anything that doesn’t meet your standards is removed—and you don’t pay for it.

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Data You Can Act On

How can you use this data? Our retail execution suite easily ingests information from multiple sources, including your sales data, and visualizes it in configurable dashboards and scorecards. Get the app in the hands of your entire company to collaborate, communicate, and execute at the office or in the store.

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Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.