Wiser drives data-driven decisions that power merchandising, pricing, branding, and promotional strategies for some of the world’s most innovative retailers and brands. The Wiser platform collects and analyzes online and in-store data to provide insights that drive business value for our clients. With data science and human validation working harmoniously, Wiser offers integrated solutions for every aspect of retail, all in one place.

Our mission is to enable our clients to make better data-driven decisions by helping our clients benchmark against the competition, ensure brand compliance, and automate key business processes. Here at Wiser, we are passionate about turning the cacophony of online and offline data into action that makes a measurable business impact.

In 2016, Wiser was acquired by Quad Analytix, given their expertise in the pricing intelligence and pricing automation space, and in 2017, Quad merged with Mobee to add in-store data collection and analytics capabilities, enhancing our leading position in the market.

The three companies are now united as Wiser Solutions Inc.. We empower our clients to drive better business decisions with a one-stop-shop for high quality data, analytics, and workflow automation across omnichannel retail. These three companies have gained their fair share of accolades, as Wiser won the Red Herring Award for Cloud Software in 2015, in 2015, Quad Analytix was named one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2016, and Mobee was crowned one of BostInno’s 10 Coolest Companies of 2017. Unified as Wiser, this all-star team will continue to deliver actionable insights globally, no matter the channel.

Wiser’s world headquarters is in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in Boston, Tel Aviv, and London.

Management Team

Andy Ballard

CEO | San Mateo

Hal Charnley

President | Boston

Mark Rudolph

CRO | Boston

Ravi Mirchandaney

SVP Engineering | San Mateo

Chris Angell

VP Marketing | Boston

Maureen Martin

VP Data Analytics & Operations | San Mateo

Kathleen Egan

VP Customer Success | San Mateo

Aviram Shahar

VP Engineering & GM | Tel Aviv

Evan Walsh

VP Engineering | Boston

John Harrington

Senior Director
Product Management |
San Mateo

Tom Vieira

Product Management | Boston


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