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Transform Your Marketplace Strategy with Precision Pricing and Promotions.

Automate your processes and become the best performer in the marketplace with comprehensive actionable insights to enhance prices, promotions and market presence wherever you sell.

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A Partner for Your Price Goals

Maintain Preferred Price Points

Your pricing strategy varies depending on the retailer. Receive price intelligence to develop strategies for all your platforms.

Replace spreadsheets and manual workflows with purpose-built automation to monitor prices across SKUs, competitors, and marketplaces.

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See historical prices to make more informed pricing decisions moving forward. Confidently set new prices and promotions.

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Align Prices Across Platforms

Make sure your prices are consistent across all platforms, not only protecting margins but maintaining price perception.

Quickly visualize and understand pricing and promotions data from all the marketplaces that matter to your brand.

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Benchmark your prices against your competitors so you know whether your prices are aligned to the market.

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Stay Competitive with Pricing Data

Don’t get lost in data. See what you must do today to improve your margins and increase sales.

Make it easy to know where to start when it comes to tracking competitors’ prices across marketplaces.

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Easily see who's the least/most expensive, who changes prices most/least often, who changes price first, category newcomers, and much more.

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Market Intelligence Live Price Check
"We have been looking for a long time for a technology provider that would help us have an optimal price and competitive analysis, to accompany us in understanding the market and the strategies of our competitors and marketplace sellers. With Wiser we were able to simplify integration, time to market, support and quality of service.”
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Business Strategy Lead

Are You Tired of Doing Everything Manually?

The Old Way

  • You’re slow to implement prices and promotions.

    It’s a challenge to update prices and launch promotions at the speed required to remain competitive across all marketplaces.

  • Your pricing strategies are inflexible.

    Other marketplace sellers are pricing faster than you and you’re not sure how (hint: they’re using a tool like Wiser).

  • Your tools are clunky and hard to decipher.

    Your existing tech stack (or just Excel) makes it hard to figure out how and where you need to act for best sales and margins.

The New Way

  • You can move much faster.

    You’re now the envy of all marketplace sellers as you can quickly and easily set prices and promotions for key value items.

  • You have flexibility to adapt to marketplace sellers.

    You aren’t worried about what the competition is doing, as you can now respond much faster to price changes and market adjustments.

  • Your tools work with you, not against you.

    You now have a tech stack that makes your life easier, clearly calling out competitive prices and promotions across retailer sites and marketplaces.

Why Choose Wiser

Data You Can Get

Our platform stands on the backbone of a proven data collection engine. This engine accumulates billions of data points every single day. It serves hundreds of international brands by gleaning information from thousands of retailer websites, making multiple scans daily.

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Data You Can Trust

We make integration easy, whether you want to export your data to Excel or require automatic data feed deliveries. By merging your digital shelf analytics with other vital business metrics, such as sales or inventory, you gain a holistic view that you can trust to make decisions.

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Data You Can Act On

Unlike some other platforms, which have limitations in flexibility, we ensure our solution molds to your exact needs. Whether it's the KPIs you want to monitor, the categories, specific retailers, or the keywords you're interested in, or even how often each KPI needs to be crawled—we've got you covered.

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Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.