Retail Intelligence

Plan, Measure, and Analyze Your In-Store Channel.

Don’t be reactive. Become proactive. Get ahead of your in-store challenges by planning, measuring, and analyzing a variety of critical data points. Wiser is your eyes and ears inside stores for timely, scalable insights into merchandising, the shelf, shoppers, stores, and more.

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How Retail Intelligence Works

We build the campaign

First, we’ll work together to determine which features of Retail Intelligence you need. We’ll craft the right strategy to capture the data points that matter most to your business in a timely, affordable way.

We deploy our mystery shoppers

Next, we mobilize Wiser’s crowd of smartphone-enabled mystery shoppers. This network is the power behind Retail Intelligence, going into stores to capture images, answer questions, and uncover the insights you’ve asked for.

You receive your configurable dashboard

Then, you receive the data via a configurable dashboard built by Wiser. Here, you can visualize all the insights captured by the crowd. Export reports, share with colleagues, and plan your next move.

What You Get with Retail Intelligence

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Shopper Sentiment

Use Wiser’s Retail Intelligence tool to understand how shopper emotions, attitudes, and preferences affect buying behavior.

This feature helps you measure what influences consumer behavior at the shelf, giving you a clearer picture of promotional efforts, new product launches, and more. Plus, these insights also help improve customer loyalty, improve product design, and give context to any sales metrics.

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Retailer Insights

Are you missing crucial visibility into specific retail channels? With retailer insights, you get data on your retail partners to improve your go-to-market strategies.

This feature goes deeper on retailer-related challenges, including out-of-stocks, broken or malfunctioning displays, and more. You get improved visibility into retail channels and can better visualize retailer compliance rates that may otherwise contribute to poor merchandising and product execution.

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Competitive & Category Intelligence

With Retail Intelligence, you receive metrics on a brand or product’s competitive set, including pricing, packaging, and promotional trends.

These insights allow you to craft a strategic approach to pricing and market execution by understanding competitive market share, positioning, and growth trends. The data is especially valuable if you’re frequently dealing with lost sales and market share or missing visibility into your competitors.

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Merchandising Accuracy

Turn to Retail Intelligence if you need data on retailers’ planogram and display compliance.

This feature addresses merchandising validation and accuracy checks at scale, getting you visibility into the presentation and conditions of displays on an ongoing basis. Data will help you fix poorly maintained displays and fixtures, improve general merchandising execution, optimize your compliance resolution workflow, and more.

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Shelf Health

Do you also need store-level execution insights to pinpoint growth opportunities on the shelf? Wiser’s Shelf Health feature provides visibility into shelf execution, product availability and quality, signage and pricing accuracy, and more.

You get contextual data for understanding sales metrics and can reduce the likelihood of missed sales due to low inventory, defect rates, and poorly maintained shelves.

Retail Intelligence Product Recommendation

Product Recommendations

Don’t overlook the importance of measuring store associate product knowledge and rate of recommendations, either.

With Wiser’s product recommendations feature, you can quantify your return on investment from retailer associate training programs. Build a data-backed strategy for improving associate rates of recommendation for specific products and brands.

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On-Premise Insights

Retailers can mobilize Wiser’s network of mystery shoppers as well. Send them into your stores to get a complete picture of store performance.

Once inside, they can capture data that provides crucial context to the sales numbers coming from individual locations. Those insights include associate interactions, traffic metrics, stock levels, and the welcome and checkout experience.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.