Price Optimization

A Pricing Tool That Works Hard, So You Won't Work Late.

Say hello to your new best friend. Price Optimization is designed with your time in mind. The platform consolidates multiple point solutions (cough, Excel) so you can easily track prices, automate repricing, and manage pricing strategies. It’s more efficient pricing.

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How Price Optimization Works

We import your catalog(s)

First, we’ll work with you to import your product catalogs into the Price Optimization platform. Once there, these SKUs will form the foundation of your rules and let you start layering new strategies, repricing rules, price bounds, and more.

You start building

Next, you can start creating new pricing strategies within the platform. Follow the simple steps to choose your SKUs, configure repricing rules, select price bounds, and set up a schedule.

Activate your strategies

Finally, you can activate your pricing strategies immediately or schedule them for later. Changes can be updated directly across marketplaces or you can take the price recommendations and update manually.

What You Get with Price Optimization

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Self-Serve, No-Code Strategy Builder

Use Wiser’s Price Optimization tool to build complex pricing strategies that fit your business—whether you want to segment by category, catalog, or SKU. It doesn’t require coding, so anyone on your team can quickly learn how to craft, change, and prioritize strategies.

Built into the platform are a variety of features to support your objectives. You get better visibility into active pricing strategies and the logic behind those strategies. You get an easier, more automated process and can create target segments to set unique prices by audiences, SKUs, and sales periods. Lean on the tool for increased complexity without having that complexity become a headache for your team.

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Dynamic Repricing

Ready to move on from Excel? Price Optimization can execute automated price changes based on a variety of inputs for the online marketplaces where your products are sold.

Our repricing engine integrates with marketplaces so you can automatically reprice hundreds to millions of SKUs. The automated platform reduces the risk of missing competitive price changes and losing margins. You can set different rules for different products and segment products based on the strategy you want to use.

Speaking of inputs, our repricing rules can be built off your historical sales data—that means you can use the sales history of your product SKU, category, or brand to inform how you price!

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Price Optimization includes the prioritization functionality, a feature that enables you to order pricing strategies based on your predetermined criteria.

Need to rank strategies by their importance? Want to set up overlapping strategies but have guide rails in place to protect margins? Use the built-in prioritization to enable multiple active pricing strategies and ensure all SKUs get covered.

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Live Preview & Strategy Simulation

Price Optimization includes our live preview and simulation features, showing you the potential impact of a pricing strategy on your SKUs. Don’t set a strategy live without first understanding the implications.

You’ll see a display of the anticipated price changes as you work inside the Price Optimization dashboard, helping you understand the effects of your strategies in real-time. That way, you don’t have wait until a strategy is live to know what it’ll look like in the market. Plus, you can avoid wasting time tweaking strategies after the fact.

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Price Optimization comes with an inspector feature, showing you a step-by-step understanding of how Wiser recommends a new price based on previous strategies, prioritization rules, and price bounds.

Conduct faster troubleshooting and have a better grasp of the why behind recommended strategies. Inspect strategies to speed up the error-resolution process and improve visibility and transparency into the work your pricing team is doing.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.