Price Intelligence

Easy-To-Use 360° Pricing Visibility That Works With Your Tech Stack.

Manage hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of SKUs. That’s right, Price Intelligence makes it simple for you to see historical pricing across your catalog and your competitors’ catalogs, no matter the size. It's the easy-to-manage price intelligence tool that plays nice with your internal systems.

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Price Intelligence Product Details
Price Intelligence Price Indexing
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How Price Intelligence Works

You tell us what you want to monitor

Share a list of SKUs, competitors, or marketplaces that you want Wiser to track. You can pick based on geography, in-cart pricing, and other parameters.

We collect your data

We’ll then take your inputs and start collecting data—our platform is built to avoid blocking and return only high-quality results.

You get actionable insights

Then, you’ll receive access to the Wiser dashboard so you can see high-quality data visualizations on prices and competitors across various marketplaces.

See how Academy Sports + Outdoors uses Price Intelligence to Capitalize on Pricing opportunities

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What You Get with Price Intelligence

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Price Indexing

Use Wiser’s price indexing feature to quickly gain a holistic view of the brands, categories, and competitors you care about—visualized through an easy-to-understand heatmap.

Included in this feature are recent prices, a high-level view of how you compare to competitors, and greater context for competitive price changes and timelines. Plus, you get the ability to create custom filters based on your needs. This ensures you have a strong foundation of market knowledge around low and high prices, category price movement, and opportunities to increase margin.

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Catalog Intelligence & Competitive Pricing

Price Intelligence includes our catalog intelligence dashboard, showing your product catalog pricing compared to your competition.

Need better data around catalog pricing? This dashboard automates how you monitor your SKUs. It’s not just about the data—it’s about saving you time and resources spent on capturing accurate insights into catalog prices.

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Product Details

Price Intelligence comes with a product details feature, granting access to historical and competitive pricing at the SKU level.

Improve forecasting for sales changes and gain greater context into competitive prices and timelines. Furthermore, you’ll get the ability to monitor shipping rates and whether SKUs are in-stock or out-of-stock. These insights will help you improve margins by focusing your efforts at the SKU-level, while providing automated visibility into pricing so you can spend more time building.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

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