The support you need to craft effective pricing strategies.

Replace spreadsheets with ML-powered price automation that scales with your business, making it easy to understand the market and reprice profitably no matter your size.

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An End-to-End Pricing Solution

Price To Win Every Selling Circumstance

Your ability to create and simulate new pricing strategies in an agile manner can make the difference between a good quarter and a great quarter.

Quickly adjust your prices on online marketplaces or your own website based on market changes and competitor price movements.

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Make more informed pricing decisions using data such as seasonality, price elasticity, and competitor prices.

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Implement pricing strategies that account for the regional and store format nuances faced by your business.

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Aggregate pricing data across categories for a more comprehensive approach to strategy creation.

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Synchronize prices across online, brick-and-mortar, and hybrid models so you’re covered every place you sell.

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Grow and Protect Margins

Make sure you understand your entire catalog, or you’ll always struggle to both grow and protect margins and optimize the products that matter most.

Prioritize pricing for high-impact products to maximize your margins and save time.

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Use marketplace intelligence on your competitors to make more strategic pricing decisions.

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Create more effective promotions that sell better without eroding margins.

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Surface New Sales Opportunities

Increase your sales by gaining visibility into what your competitors are doing. See how different marketplaces and regions have unique needs that could be served by your business.

Tailor your product offerings based on marketplace trends to maximize the likelihood of winning the sale.

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Adapt your product offerings based on regional preferences and needs.

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Better understand your competitors’ strategies to identify market opportunities that they’re missing.

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Use automated pricing intelligence to regularly assess product listings, so you know exactly where and what needs updating.

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Automate everything

You're not alone if you still have manual workflows built into your pricing strategies. The good news? Automation can have an immediate lift by saving your team time, reducing human error, and improving data quality.

Swap spreadsheets and long hours with real time, dynamic repricing, so you can reduce manual effort in your price adjustments.

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Equip your team with automated pricing tools so they can move faster and collaborate better—without sacrificing quality and profitability.

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Human error is only natural, but automated guardrails cut down on the risk associated with repricing.

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Struggling to Increase Your Profits?

The Old Way

  • Your margins are decreasing.

    You’re having a hard time increasing margins and are running out of ideas on how to grow sales quarter-over-quarter.

  • You’re relying too much on spreadsheets.

    Your team is heavily dependent on manual and ad-hoc methods, such as spreadsheets and SKU-centric pricing.

  • You’re unable to act on data.

    You either don’t have the resources to act, or you have too many hoops to jump through before you can implement a strategy.

The New Way

  • Your margins are increasing.

    Automated pricing and on-demand insights give you the intelligence needed to implement profitable, margin-boosting strategies.

  • You’re seeing fewer manual mistakes.

    A purpose-built pricing platform keeps your data quality high, and it means fewer manual mistakes digging into spreadsheets every day.

  • You can finally act.

    The blockers have been removed and you can monitor prices, reprice, and measure results in real time and easier than ever before.

Why Choose Wiser

Data You Can Get

Price intelligence isn’t very useful if it’s not accessible. We solve the most challenging aspects of data extraction using proxy waterfalls, advanced fingerprinting capabilities, and other tools, giving us the flexibility to address all your needs with the technical backbone to gather data on millions of SKUs.

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Data You Can Trust

Our data is trustworthy because it is high quality. For retailers, that begins with product matching, and our matching is effective thanks to a mix of automated and manual matching. This includes a machine-learning-based approach where we build relationships between products based on shared, indirect identifiers.

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Data You Can Act On

We care about creating pricing solutions that optimize your workflows, not just show you data. We use feedback from retailers around the world to develop these workflows that are effective with large datasets, align disparate business objectives, and provide different levels of sophistication based on comfort level.

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Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.