Retail Execution Management

Create Competitive Selling Advantages on the Way to a Perfect Store.

Put data back into the hands of your sales teams. Make the best use of the next hour of selling, the next dollar of brand investments, and generate the most cases sold.

Retail Execution Management gets you brick-and-mortar store data, combines it with authorizations, shipments, and scan insights, then packages it together for your field teams, HQ teams, brokers, and distributors for automated execution and cohesive in-store initiatives.

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How Retail Execution Management Works

Integrate sales and store-level data

Start by integrating point-of-sale data or depletion data into the Retail Execution Management platform. This will inform our predictive intelligence and help you further optimize sales opportunities.

Put the app in the hands of your reps

Next, give your reps access to the app to see CRM-related data about the individual store, such as delivery schedules and authorized products, as well as required surveys to complete while inside.

Prioritize field team efforts from home base

Then, log into the Retail Execution Management dashboard to prioritize your field team efforts. Replace manual spreadsheets with automated reporting in the platform and start using the data to improve future retail execution.

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What You Get with Retail Execution Management

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Image Recognition

Retail Execution Management software includes image recognition functionality—this feature improves rep efficiency by giving teams the ability to quickly capture product distribution and share of shelf. Plus, reps can build selling recommendations based on sales history.

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Field Team Management

Brand manufacturers, distributors, and brokers use Retail Execution Management to mobilize their field teams, as the software makes it easy to monitor team performance, optimize store routes for efficiency, manage photos taken from the stores, and improve field team execution overall.

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Data Aggregation & Actionability

The power of the Retail Execution Management platform is in its ability to aggregate multiple data sources—sales data, rep form submissions, other store-level data—and turn those insights into actionable strategies for field teams. The tool takes your data out of spreadsheets and into one location where it can be managed and acted upon.

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Advanced Analytics

Log into the Retail Execution Management dashboard to see advanced analytics on your field team activity and product distribution. Data points include leaderboards for easy comparisons, retail execution, team performance to sales, and other automated reports and alerts.

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Multiple Language Support

The Retail Execution Management interface is currently available in English only. However, reports and user-created forms can be built in most languages. This allows your team to collect and share information in the preferred language of the team.

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