MAP Enforcement

Fewer Violations, Easier MAP Enforcement.

Build a stronger brand and reseller network with MAP Enforcement. Focus on MAP actionability with intuitive tools to support your MAP policies and communicate with resellers, plus build a platform where retailers have easy access to your policies and brand resources.

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How MAP Enforcement Works

Manage your MAP policies

Use the Wiser platform to aggregate your MAP policies and set up clear lines of communication with sellers, so everyone has access to policies and branding.

Authorize violation notices

The Wiser platform will send violation notices on your behalf from an approved email address. All you need to do is sign off on the communication and the automation will take care of the rest.

Measure seller responses

Wiser’s MAP Enforcement will track and measure retailer responses to violation notices, so you can be confident that your price position and brand reputation are protected.

What You Get with MAP Enforcement

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MAP Policy Management

Your brand-to-reseller management platform. Wiser’s ChannelSync is a feature of MAP Enforcement where you can invite retailers to your brand network, giving them direct access to your MAP policies, branding materials, and more.

Not only will this streamline your brand-to-retailer relationships, but you can also log into ChannelSync to view unauthorized reseller discovery, market price intelligence, and your authorized reseller programs. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things channel management.

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Proof of MAP Violations

It’s one thing to know your MAP policies are violated, it’s another to be able to prove it. Wiser’s MAP Enforcement platform is built on actionable evidentiary support: configurable screenshots of violations, time-stamped and customized to your needs.

Proof of violations becomes the backbone of MAP enforcement. Get notified on every crawl, on price changes, or on a custom schedule, so you have the data to communicate with sellers.

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MAP Enforcement

Finding your MAP violations is still only half the battle. Actionability comes next, and with Wiser, you get an intuitive platform to track violators, draft enforcement measures, and improve your overall MAP compliance.

Quickly see violation images and click over to any of the violating product pages. Draft message templates for various actions, from the first strike to unauthorized retailers. Send enforcement notices in bulk and see violation trends over time to measure the impact of your enforcement efforts.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

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