Digital Shelf Intelligence

See Your Brand Through Your Consumers’ Eyes.

A trusted partner for your brand. Our Digital Shelf Intelligence product is built to make your life easier, coming with a variety of brand-supporting tools right out of the box. You get access to five KPIs: content compliance, share of search, retailer assortment and availability, ratings and reviews, and competitive pricing.

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How Digital Shelf Intelligence Works

Choose your products

To start, you can select which products and categories you want to monitor across the five KPIs.

Pick your retailers

Then, you want to select which retailers or marketplaces you want to track. These are the stores where the Wiser platform checks for your chosen categories.

Weigh your analytics

All the KPIs are scored according to your predefined calculations and weighted accordingly. This is used to highlight potential challenges that are most important to your brand, instead of overwhelming you with data.

What You Get with Digital Shelf Intelligence

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Content Compliance

Use Wiser’s Digital Shelf Intelligence tool to verify whether retailers and resellers follow the standards that you expect for your brand.

Five unique page elements are scored: the header, product descriptions, features, specifications, and media, such as images and videos. These insights give you back control so often lost when a product passes from brand manufacturer to retailer.

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Competitive Share of Search

Digital Shelf Intelligence includes our competitive share of search feature, a visibility-related KPI that allows for general and detailed views of organic product performance.

This indicator provides intelligence in two ways: first, when and where your product appears when a visitor searches on a retailer’s site; second, when and where your product appears when a visitor selects a chosen category or sub-category on the site. You’ll receive detailed reports covering diverse search metrics, helping you with keyword research and search result performance.

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Retailer Assortment & Availability

Need a better understanding of supply chain issues and stock availability? Digital Shelf Intelligence has you covered with retailer assortment—a comprehensive feature that enables full market visibility into which retailers are carrying your products and your competitors’ products.

Use this tool to identify new sales opportunities among the retailers who don’t stock your brand or look for advantages over the competition. Plus, you can improve your visibility into supply chain issues and track retail performance across a given category.

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Resource Prioritization

Digital Shelf Intelligence comes with resource prioritization as well, a critical feature for companies operating in multiple countries or with many brands under a larger umbrella.

Resource prioritization makes it easy to act on the information by surfacing the KPIs that drive the best return on investment. As a result, you can prioritize your teams’ efforts at scale and be confident in the activities on your roadmap.

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