Digital Shelf Intelligence

See Your Brand Through Your Consumers’ Eyes.

A global partner for your brand. Our Digital Shelf Intelligence product is built to make your life easier, coming with a variety of brand-supporting tools right out of the box. You get access to five KPIs: competitive pricing, content compliance, share of search, retailer assortment and availability, and ratings and reviews.

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How Digital Shelf Intelligence Works

Choose your products

To start, select which products and categories—up to 10,000 SKUs or more—you want to monitor across the five KPIs.

Pick your retailers

Then, pick which retailers or marketplaces you want to track across multiple regions. These are the stores where the Wiser platform checks for your chosen categories.

Weigh your analytics

Score all KPIs according to your predefined calculations and weight them accordingly. This highlights potential challenges that are most important to your brand.

What You Get with Digital Shelf Intelligence

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Competitive Pricing and Promotions

Take charge of your price and promotion strategy to maintain your brand equity.

Use Wiser’s Digital Shelf Intelligence platform to understand product pricing in categories of interest—plus insights into the retailers that drive sales of your brand.

Included in this feature is the ability to see prices and promotions across eCommerce retailers, whether your own or your competitors, so you can identify price positions, promotional opportunities, and category insights that can increase sales. Track historical price trends over time, compare specifications of products, and find matching models across different brands.

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Content Compliance

Your product pages’ text, images, and videos matter—1 in 3 customers abandon their cart due to poor product pages.

Instead, use Wiser’s Digital Shelf Intelligence to verify whether retailers and resellers follow the standards that you expect for your brand.

Five unique page elements are scored: the header, product descriptions, features, specifications, and media, such as images and videos. These insights give you back control so often lost when a product passes from brand manufacturer to retailer.

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Competitive Share of Search

Maximize product discoverability. Moving your products up from Page 2 in the search results to Page 1 can increase sales by more than 50 percent.

Stay on Page 1—Digital Shelf Intelligence includes our competitive share of search feature, a visibility-related KPI that allows for general and detailed views of organic product performance.

This indicator provides intelligence in two ways: first, when and where your product appears when a visitor searches on a retailer’s site; second, when and where your product appears when a visitor selects a chosen category or sub-category on the site.

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Retailer Assortment & Availability

Strengthen your supply chain and uncover more sales opportunities.

It takes days—if not longer—to recover your full sales volume after a product goes out-of-stock. Not only can you view daily OOS by retailer, but you can also use Digital Shelf Intelligence to analyze competitor and retailer assortment across multiple regions.

This comprehensive feature enables full market visibility into which retailers are carrying your products and your competitors’ products.

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Ratings and Reviews

Surface product quality issues, repurpose positive reviews for your marketing, and better understand the customer experience.

Digital Shelf Intelligence gives you visibility into ratings and reviews of different products at different retailers. You'll understand how your products and your customers’ purchase experiences compare to the competition.

Get detailed ratings counts, ratings trends, and negative review counts. Take this information and create strategies to resolve negative reviews and improve overall brand perception.

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Resource Prioritization

Digital Shelf Intelligence comes with resource prioritization as well, a critical feature for companies operating in multiple countries or with many brands under a larger umbrella.

Resource prioritization makes it easy to act on the information by surfacing the KPIs that drive the best return on investment. As a result, you can prioritize your teams’ efforts at scale and be confident in the activities on your roadmap.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.