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Total eCommerce visibility, beyond just retailers’ prices.

Gain control of a chaotic retail landscape. Visualize how and where your brand is seen and sold online, including prices, promotions, product pages, eCommerce search results, and retailer websites.

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Your Brand on Top

Uncover New Sales Opportunities

Quickly and easily identify new sales opportunities by using competitor and retailer assortment analysis to pinpoint gaps in their strategies that your brand can target.

Monitor daily product availability to ensure consistent stocking of the right products at the right retailers.

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Receive instant alerts for shifts in digital shelf performance, enabling quick action to protect sales.

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Safeguard your brand equity and retailer margins from price erosion with actionable MAP enforcement tools.

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Maximize Product Discoverability

Monitor organic search rankings and react quickly to product discoverability challenges in order to minimize any potential impact on your sales.

Visualize page rankings of your brand’s search queries so you can better understand which products are ranking where and why.

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Automate monitoring of search placements for your products to quickly spot—and then fix—product discoverability issues.

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Benchmark your search performance against your top competitors to easily see where they excel—and where they struggle.

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Enhance Brand Perception

Don’t let a lack of visibility into how shoppers view your brand prevent you from becoming a leader in your space.

Pay attention to all your shoppers’ touchpoints, from prices to product page content, branding, reviews, so you can see how your brand is perceived by consumers.

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See which brands your retailers are working with—including yours—so you can better work with them to showcase your brand’s products to shoppers as intended.

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Automate monitoring of customer ratings and reviews so you can quickly act on negative ratings and reviews.

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Monitor product page content for search visibility and sales, giving you the intel needed to uphold your brand identity.

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Are Your Spreadsheets Still Good Enough?

The Old Way

  • Products missing in search results.

    Your products aren’t showing up for the right search queries—or they’re not showing up at all, either due to out-of-stock items or suboptimal product discoverability.

  • Decisions made using outdated market data.

    You have a hard time getting up-to-date, accurate market data, instead only getting information when time permits. It’s not enough to go on, but it’s all you have.

  • A decline in brand equity.

    An inconsistent brand experience across your shoppers’ touchpoints is exacerbated by unauthorized marketplace sellers, all leading to a decline in your brand equity.

The New Way

  • Products ranking for the sales-generating search queries.  

    Swap out your spreadsheets with automated alerts about real-time changes in search rankings and placements.

  •  Decisions made using the latest market data.

    Receive easy-to-digest data on your products, competitors, and entire category—every day, multiple times a day. Set it and forget it.

  • An increase in brand equity.

    Create a consistent brand experience through comprehensive monitoring of digital shelves at all retailers, including MAP violators and unauthorized sellers.

Why Choose Wiser

Data You Can Get

Our platform stands on the backbone of a proven data collection engine. This engine accumulates billions of data points every single day. It serves hundreds of international brands by gleaning information from thousands of retailer websites, making multiple scans daily.

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Data You Can Trust

We make integration easy, whether you want to export your data to Excel or require automatic data feed deliveries. By merging your digital shelf analytics with other vital business metrics, such as sales or inventory, you gain a holistic view that you can trust to make decisions.

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Data You Can Act On

Unlike some other platforms, which have limitations in flexibility, we ensure our solution molds to your exact needs. Whether it's the KPIs you want to monitor, the categories, specific retailers, or the keywords you're interested in, or even how often each KPI needs to be crawled—we've got you covered.

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Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.