Live Price Check

Listen to Online Retailers, Easier Than Ever

Experience a unique way of tracking your competitors’ prices with Wiser Solutions Live Price Check. This simple plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers triggers when you visit a retailer’s website, highlighting products directly on the page for easy analysis.

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How Live Price Check Works

Install the plug-in

First, you’ll want to download the Chrome or Firefox plug-in for Live Price Check.

Tell us what to analyze

Then, tell us which products and categories you want to review. We’ll supplement Live Price Check with data from your chosen parameters.

Visit the sites you care about

Once on a website, select a product and see all competitor prices and other details, like promotional gaps, pricing discrepancies, and where you rank regarding price.

What You Get with Live Price Check

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Competitive Intelligence

Measure your competitive pricing position with Live Price Check. Get the answers to the following questions in seconds after you visit a retailer’s website:

  • Are my prices competitively priced for different products?
  • Am I optimizing my margins based on competitive pricing?
  • How does my assortment compare to the competition?
  • What are my competitors’ active promotions?

These aren’t the only insights captured. Our Live Price Check plugin provides easy visualization of your competitive positioning as you scroll through your competitors’ websites.

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Product Availability & Details

The value of this Wiser tool is in its simplicity, immediacy, and completeness. Install the plug-in on your browser and pricing data appears as you scroll the page. It’s that simple. It’s also insightful. Items highlighted on the page will include:

  • Price difference relative to the competition.
  • Competitive rank for each product.
  • Assortment comparison.
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On-Demand Data Supported by Industry-Leading Extraction

Go to the same retailer sites you already visit, except now with added insights layered on top of what you normally see. This data is on-demand and offers the page-level detail you need based on insights collected via Wiser's extraction and matching platform.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.