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Enhance Your Pricing Insights and Decision-Making.

Monitor prices across multiple retailers, directly inside your web browser.

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Gain a competitive edge with live updates on pricing adjustments.

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Quickly understand price dynamics across retailers.

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Protect Your Margins With Pricing & Competitive Insights.

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For Retailers

Live Price Check tracks pricing across retailers to make sure you're always a step ahead of your competition.

  • Easily maintain a competitive price point with real-time insights across multiple retailers.
  • Strike the perfect balance between competitive pricing and profitability by optimizing your margins for your product catalog.
  • Get visibility into additional factors like product availability, delivery days, bundled offers and outsmart your competition.

Stay In Control of Your Brand.

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For Brands

Live Price Check tracks pricing for your brand across retailers and detects unauthorized sellers.

  • Stay competitive by monitoring your product pricing across retailers in real-time.
  • Protect your brand's reputation and customer trust by identifying unauthorized sellers.
  • Boost profitability with comprehensive market insights that help you make informed decisions.

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