MAP Monitoring

Pull Back the Curtain on Your MAP Violators.

Save time monitoring your online listings with comprehensive coverage, more intraday visibility and more evidentiary support of your MAP pricing policy violations.

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How MAP Monitoring Works

Define your target websites

We start by working with you to define your target websites. These are often marketplaces or retailers’ sites with high product overlap or similar pricing strategies.

Share your catalog and resellers

Then, share your list of resellers and the products you'd like to monitor. Wiser will search the web for insights into how resellers are positioning your product, authorized or not. Unauthorized sellers are flagged immediately.

Review your actionable insights

Finally, you can view the results via Wiser’s configurable dashboard. You can review prices, MAP violations, reseller compliance, or start working on corrective actions where needed.

See How Cole Haan Uses MAP Monitoring To Manage Online Prices & Track MAP Violators

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What You Get with MAP Monitoring

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Reseller Compliance

Use Wiser’s MAP Monitoring tool to track the resellers you have agreements with and identify any non-compliant sellers, according to your pricing policies.

eCommerce listing changes are captured as frequently as intraday, enabling quick response to brand violations. You can quickly identify areas that need improved compliance and as a result will be able to maintain positive reseller relationships across your eCommerce channel.

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Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring

Customize monitoring by product, brand, seller or source site with collection frequency ranging from weekly to intraday. Over 5,600-plus global retail eCommerce sites are monitored daily, including marketplaces, price comparison sites, retail store sites, mobile app sites, and search engine results pages.

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Unauthorized Reseller Intelligence

Are you dealing with unauthorized sellers as well? Wiser’s MAP Monitoring also tracks retailers who you do not have an agreement with, capturing the same metrics as with authorized sellers.

However, these insights could help you convert unauthorized sellers into trusted partners. Plus, you can pinpoint grey market sellers and contact vendors who shouldn’t be selling your brand at all. These steps will improve your brand image, prevent non-compliant pricing and unauthorized distribution, direct more customers to approved channels, and much more.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

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