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The Future of Price Optimization in Retail

Are you constantly looking for ways to set the right price at the right time? To manage a complex list of SKUs? Then you’ve thought about price optimization. Put simply, price optimization is a systematic way for retailers and brands to manage pricing strategies. But it can go so much deeper than that.

Download this Wiser whitepaper to get the playbook on how creating advanced pricing strategies will benefit your business (and make your life easier).

Inside, you’ll find quotes from several leaders in the eCommerce space, including David Altman, omnichannel consumer goods and specialty retail CEO, and Matt Ataide, pricing manager at Home Depot.

You’ll also get insights into:

  1. What price optimization is (and how it has evolved).
  2. Crossing the price optimization maturity curve.
  3. Where price optimization is going in the future.

By the end, you’ll have an action plan to automate your manual pricing strategies and better understand how price optimization fits into the bigger retail picture.

Become an expert on price optimization.