Marketing Use Case

Increase Demand for Your Products

Wiser Solutions has all the tools your marketing teams need to execute campaigns with confidence thanks to comprehensive business intelligence.

Support your marketing efforts with:

  • Price and promotions intelligence
  • Shelf health and merchandising compliance
  • MAP monitoring
  • Customer Logo Whirlpool

No More Guessing

Take the guesswork out of marketing. Wiser Solutions’ retail intelligence gives insight into your and your competitors’ assortment, prices, merchandising, and more, removing any uncertainty to achieve marketing perfection.

Features Fit for You

Make your life easier with custom retail analytics for your day-to-day flow. Track planogram compliance, catch MAP violations, check in on merchandising compliance, or monitor competitor prices. Whether you need data to support a new product launch or just need to beat the other guys, Wiser Solutions gives you the tools to get it done.

Big Solutions for Big Ideas

Consumers are in control, and trillions of dollars are lost yearly due to bad decisions based on bad data. You can either continue to run marketing campaigns without visibility into your channels or you can see what is going on at scale.

Gain a Partner in Wiser

Wiser Solutions is in it for the long haul. We will be a dedicated partner to your marketing efforts as we work with you to establish baselines, run tests, optimize workflows, and turn our real-time data into confident marketing decisions for your business.

Knock that next merchandising campaign out of the park. Win market share from your competition with price optimization. Understand shopper insights to create better messaging. No matter your goals, Wiser is here to help.

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