Retail Operations Pros! You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Struggling to measure performance for store associates? Unsure if customers are deciding to shop elsewhere because of your store experience? Finding it difficult to measure critical operational KPIs?

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Take the Stress Out of Your Work Day.

Ops professionals turn to Wiser when they’re struggling to measure in-store execution at scale and drive corrective actions to resolve poor operational compliance.

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Evaluate store associates by auditing product knowledge, time-to-assistance, upsells, loyalty program signups, and more

Discover in-store blind spots quickly and efficiently with actionable alerts

Get visibility into competitors’ operational initiatives including product positioning, store layout, and checkout experience

Does this sound familiar?

Heather is a Vice President of Operations. She needs to know how effective her store associates are across multiple locations, and she wants to monitor the quality of her staff training to create a positive customer experience across all stores. The challenge is doing so affordably and with minimal impact to her existing teams.

I want to improve action


Vice President of Operations

If so, then check this out:

Wiser Scorecards could help Heather and other operations professionals like yourself. Scorecards are concise, visual reports that rank operational performance, so you can focus your store operations efforts where it’s most needed before they impact sales.

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What about this?

Brian is a Sr. Director of Operations. His company is undergoing expansive physical store growth, and he now needs to monitor more store locations than ever before. However, he lacks the visibility in each of his stores and can’t monitor store operations as effectively as before.

I want to gain visibility


Sr. Director of Operations

Then take a look:

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Get more eyes into your store operations with Wiser’s brick-and-mortar solutions. We have options that can solve Brian’s pains and yours—check them out today.

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How Brick-and-Mortar Solutions Work.

Wiser’s brick-and-mortar solutions range from merchandising compliance to shopper sentiment. Here’s how they work.

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Determine which in-store benchmarks to measure

Create custom in-store missions

Deploy network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers or field teams

Validate the data to ensure integrity

Deliver accurate, insightful data to you

Act on insights revealed by the data

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