Shopper Insights Use Case

Understand Store Conditions Through Shoppers' Eyes

Wiser Solutions has all the tools your shopper insights teams need to understand what shoppers see at the shelf thanks to comprehensive business intelligence.

Support your shopper insights efforts with:

  • Shelf-health insights
  • Consumer behavior data
  • Store associate recommendations

Don't Rely on 3P Merchandisers

Get feedback from shoppers while they are in the aisle, looking at your products—or your competitors. Wiser Solutions’ brick-and-mortar retail intelligence answers your front-of-store questions by tapping into shoppers directly. Measure the effectiveness of in-store campaigns or test products. Get eyes and ears inside stores quickly and at scale.

Features Fit for You

Customize your shopper insights to match your needs. Audit merchandising campaigns, track which brands are recommended most by store associates, or poll shoppers on how they view and interact with a shelf. Whether you need to measure the effects of your work or prepare for something new, Wiser Solutions connects you to your shoppers.

Fast, Accurate Insights About Store Conditions

You can either gamble that you know what shoppers want, or you can ask them yourself. With Wiser Solutions, you get high-quality business intelligence that is delivered in near real-time. Shopper insights are collected via smartphone-enabled mystery shoppers who provide large quantities of data at scale. What front-of-store data they collect is up to you.

Gain a Partner in Wiser

Wiser Solutions is here to make shopper insights easier than ever before. We will work with you to develop the most effective campaigns to gather the exact data you’re looking for, which means you’ll save time, have less stress, and can hit your business objectives more effectively.

Get visual, high-quality shopper insights for you and your team. Learn more about consumer behavior and what makes a person buy. See your product—or your competitors’ products—on store shelves. No matter your goals, Wiser is here to help.

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