MAP Monitoring & Case Management

Protect your brand. Streamline operations by employing automated minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring across your entire online reseller network.

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Efficiently protect your brand from MAP violators and gray market sellers
  • Stay informed about MAP violations in your reseller network
  • Investigate unknown third-party sellers to discover their true identity and enforce your brand protection policy or even convert them into authorized retailers
  • Proactively monitor your network for red flags to avoid brand damage
  • Monitor operations while you sleep and watch for violations, even when you’re off the clock
Systemize operations with a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Check assortments and manage merchant communications
  • Quickly identify and take action on MAP violators. Automated pricing surveillance and unauthorized seller detection eliminates the need for manual monitoring
  • Automate case management workflows to retail partners, track behavior post notifications, and receive screenshot proof of MAP violations
  • Ensure pricing compliance across your reseller network

Who uses MAP Monitoring & Case Management?

Compliance & Enforcement Teams

Sales & Marketing Teams

Analytics Teams

Why Customers Love Wiser

  • Billions of Data Points

    The most comprehensive coverage both online and in-store with more data points added every day

  • World Class Support

    Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure success

  • Actionable Insights

    Easily analyze big data to make confident decisions that drive impactful results

  • Omnichannel Coverage

    A complete view of the retail landscape on and offline to optimize your entire business

  • High Quality Data

    We combine the power of data science with 
human validation to ensure the highest quality and accuracy

  • Increased Efficiency

    Automated data collection and workflow processes for measurable cost and time savings