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The support you need to stay in control of your brand.

Can you say with confidence how your brand looks across marketplaces, whether prices are MAP-compliant, or which products are top-sellers? If not, get comprehensive support to manage brand positioning across eCommerce channels.

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Your Brand on Top

Know exactly how your resellers are advertising your prices. Understand whether all your products are sold by trusted partners or if the truth is a little more … gray.

Get the answers you need to protect your brand with Wiser’s minimum advertised price solutions, helping you manage policies, enforce compliance, or track down unauthorized sellers.

Don’t let a lack of visibility into how shoppers view your brand prevent you from becoming a leader in your space. Instead, use Wiser’s dashboard to monitor reviews and track appreciation metrics.

Wiser is perfect for our needs at Meyer. We came to them with several complicated thoughts to our MAP policy and they put a team of people dedicated to make it work. And it does!

Amanda Cantrell

Sales Analyst | Meyer Corporation

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Wiser adds structure to our MAP enforcement that gives us visibility over time into our distributor relationships. We can now see when violations occurred, how they occurred, and manage those relationships accordingly.

Mary Sisson

Director of Operations | TYR Sport

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