A screenshot of Wiser's discounting dashboard. Showing historical pricing graph.
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Historical & Trended Pricing

Become an expert in product pricing strategies with extensive historical datasets

  • Monitor brand and SKU historical pricing performance to identify pricing trends, markdown patterns, and capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • Identify competitive pricing trends and discounting behavior to monitor relative price performance for key brackets during a product lifecycle.
  • Gain a deep understanding of discounting behavior across product categories with insights such as percentage of items on sale and depth of discount metrics.
  • See when competitors are clearing aging inventory and maximize full price sales with competitive pricing visibility.
A screenshot of Wiser's promotional analysis data.
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Promotional Analysis

Get insight into competitors’ promotional strategies to maximize the ROI on your marketing promotions

  • Analyze competitors’ promotional calendars to understand promotional cadence and enhance your own marketing decisions.
  • Spot trends and anticipate demand by monitoring promotional cadences that signal fluctuations in product demand and services.
  • Predict consumer behavior and deliver compelling promotions to improve sales lift and customer satisfaction.
  • Cover all your bases with comprehensive promotional coverage across email, social networks, and homepages, with the world’s largest database of historical webpage and email screenshots.
A screenshot of Wiser's assortment intelligence charts.
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Assortment Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your product assortment both online and in stores

  • Get actionable insights into current market trends and competitor inventory to facilitate SKU prospecting and inventory optimization.
  • Merchandise more effectively by capitalizing on category and product trends by tracking competitor products dynamically.
  • Identify high-level competitive trends and discover top selling brands for specific product categories in real-time.
  • Optimize your product assortment to meet customer demands by proactively identifying assortment opportunities.
  • Attain visibility into competitors’ operational and marketing initiatives including positioning, store layout, promotional signage, and checkout experience.
  • Track competitor prices in local markets to understand national retail landscape and refine your market strategies.
A screenshot of Wiser's Market price index showing competitive benchmarking.
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Competitive Benchmarking

Real-time price monitoring to always know where you stand in the competitive landscape

  • Multichannel support allows you to monitor price fluctuations on your biggest competitors across any website or marketplace.
  • Get the data you need, when you need it, with customized push-based reporting and alerts to never miss a pricing opportunity.
  • Evaluate the type and degree of competition within a market to gauge a brand’s relative position and anticipate margin pressures based on discounting trends.
  • Improve efficiency and turn competitive insights into real-time opportunities by automating price monitoring across your biggest competitors.
  • Visualize how the market is priced helping you manage your price position and boost revenue at the category level.
  • Capitalize on growth opportunities and understand real-time market changes allowing you to make educated pricing changes at speed and scale.

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