Wiser Solutions®

Retail Execution Management

Get visibility and insights into your retail conditions.

    Put data back into the hands of your sales teams. Make the best use of the next hour of selling, the next dollar of brand investments, and generate the most cases sold.

    Let Wiser Solutions get you brick-and-mortar store data, combine it with authorizations, shipments, and scan insights, then package it together for your field teams, HQ teams, brokers, and distributors for automated execution and cohesive in-store initiatives.

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    Best-In-Class Store Level Execution

    Wiser works with you to unify in-store data sources, mapping data to your in-store initiatives, then automating team priorities to drive more sales at the shelf, even when there are gaps in data or team coverage.

    This best-in-class store level execution benefits you in a variety of ways:

    • Sell more efficiently with an essential tool for field teams to plan, execute, communicate, and measure results.
    • Bolt on fast and scalable in-store activation with multiple on-demand labor networks including retail auditing, merchandising, reset, and selling capabilities so you can fill gaps with existing team coverage.
    • Unlock full control and accountability with data-driven headquarter and distributor compliance programs that give key account teams workflow and turn-key materials to effectively manage a brand’s store-level performance.
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    Your Fastest Growth Driver

    Wiser is uniquely suited to solve many challenges, including data that is not accessible, fragmented teams and retail solutions, inefficient retail team workflows, and poor in-store distribution and display execution.

    Achieve typical outcomes with Wiser, such as:

    • Proactive identification of new distribution growth opportunities.
    • Improved merchandising execution and compliance.
    • Greater team speed and efficiency.
    • Less wasted non-activated trade funds.

    More Insights, Better Execution, Less Spend

    Seamlessly integrate and manage third-party labor and execution systems to allow sales leaders, brand executives, and others close personnel gaps and efficiently increase their impact at retail with scalable auditing, merchandising, reset, selling, and other in-store activation capabilities.

    It’s full retail coverage without the spend or the headache. Did you know that:

    • 80 percent of retail execution customers see a lower cost per store visit.
    • Customers can receive in-store visibility and retail audits in as little as 48-72 hours.
    • More than 40 percent of distribution and promotional trade dollars never make it to the shelf, creating a significant opportunity for improvement.

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Retail Execution Management

    • Team tracking and retail reporting, including a photo gallery, retail auditing, automated reporting, and mobile sharing.
    • Promotional tracking, including professional dashboards, store-level data, promotional tracking, and authorization tracking.
    • HQ and distributor management, including HQ account tracking and post-meeting recap forms, action-oriented distribution reports, and call-frequency dashboards.
    • Predictive retail execution, including key item distribution, rebate compliance, and opportunity notifications.
    • Store notifications and orders, so you can push out automated store notifications based on data-driven rules, assign and track tasks for specific stores, and customize order forms.

    Who Uses Wiser’s Retail Execution Solutions?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's in-store platform.


    • Track in-store conditions for new product launches and promotional displays.
    • Measure shopper sentiment to craft effective marketing strategies.
    • Assess what competitors are doing at the shelf, on displays, and more.
    • Monitor shelf presence to see how your brand is doing across regions and stores.
    • Get category and brand-specific pricing insights.
    • Create advanced pricing rules for complex business requirements.
    • Group product catalogs for easier repricing and analysis.
    • Build price bounds to ensure compliant pricing.
    • Assess how shoppers feel about your products, brand, or category at the shelf.
    • Understand point-of-use and consumption habits while consumers use your products.
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