Home Perfect

About Home Perfect

Since its opening in 2000, pure play retailer has been one of the best-kept secrets on the Web. They are the ultimate design destination for consumers who are looking to renovate their home at a reasonable price. Not only do they deliver incredible customer service, they offer the lowest prices for high quality kitchen and bath products online.

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“The internet arena is competitive and unforgiving. WisePricer levels the playing field and gives me the tools I need to win.”

Alex Teller
Home Perfect

Home Perfect – The Perfect Place to Outfit Your Home

Home Perfect faced three main challenges:

  • 1No visibility into competitors on Google Shopping
  • 2Could not figure out where they stood compared to competitors
  • 3Manual searching yielded unreliable results

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Industry

  • 1Comparing prices to their competitors thanks to the easy-to-use landscape feature
  • 2Filtering data to compare results at a specific product or category level
  • 3Collecting data automatically to make informed pricing decisions
  • 4Understanding where products overlap with competitors’