Price Optimization for
High-Growth Amazon

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Buy box Ownership

Jet above the rest with algorithmic price strategies

  • Price to beat the market: Use Wiser’s predictive buy box algorithm to find the highest price that wins you the buy box.
  • Optimize for profit: Have pricing power? Use WiseDynamic’s algorithms to optimize for profitable growth where you have a competitive edge
  • Customize your strategy: Target specific sellers (FBA, FBM, featured merchants, etc). Use flexible logic to customize your repricing strategies

Don’t fall behind! Real time intelligence and price automation

  • Market intelligence refreshed to the minute keeps you ahead of the pack
  • Automated repricing up to every 15 minutes to capture every opportunity
  • Smart alerts to keep a pulse on your business at all times

Use data & analytics to harness the wisdom of Amazon

  • Leverage Wiser’s testing & analytics platform to optimize your pricing strategy:
  •  1. Set up A/B tests to better evaluate the impact of repricing
  • 2. Check the lift in revenue and profit in real-time
  • 3. Deep dive into results to find the sweet spots for profitable growth

More channels? No problems. One solution for many channels

  • Wiser’s platform is the only Omni-Channel solution for Amazon sellers
  • Sync your pricing efforts across Amazon, marketplaces like eBay, and your webstore
  • Custom-tailored strategies to strengthen your price position in each marketplace
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