Pricing strategy will never be the same.

Boost profit margins, price with confidence and enhance
merchandising with the premier dynamic pricing engine



WisePricer allows you to gain valuable insights by monitoring and tracking your competition using advanced product tracking technology, including image recognition.



Manual repricing is a time consuming process, especially when you sell across multiple marketplaces. Create customized dynamic pricing rules for your products and WisePricer does the rest of the work.



WisePricer’s advanced analytics show you the revenue results in real-time. Find the sweet spots and achieve the ideal pricing structure to maximize your profits.


  • WisePricer tracks products across multiple marketplaces.
  • Dedicated eBay and webstore repricing tools.
  • Manage the pricing strategy for each store or marketplace in one place.


  • Manage your inventory, repricing, and day-to-day competitor tracking.
  • Get real-time pricing data.
  • Customizable pricing rules & automated repricing capabilities.


  • WisePricer’s Reporting feature allows you to generate customized reports
  • Create reports on price trends, competitors’ price distribution, competitors’ margin, and more.


  • Monitor competitors across any e-commerce site.
  • SpyAgent gives you a product level breakdown of competitors’ pricing history, trends and more.
  • WisePricer leverages image recognition to pull back the best matches.


  • A/B test your pricing strategy with WisePricer.
  • See the revenue results in real-time.
  • Find the sweet spots and improve your internal pricing strategy.


  • View and Analyze your competitor’s inventory in real-time within WisePricer.
  • See where the overlap and gaps are, and where you need to step up your merchandising game.


  • WisePricer provides insight on the competitive landscape.
  • Get a general view of the competition as well as an in-depth view at the brand or product level.