Shelf Intelligence

Gather store-level intelligence for improved retail execution.

Can you say with confidence how your brand looks on a shelf? How shoppers perceive your brand? Which competitive trends exist in your channel? If not, get near real-time insights into shoppers and shelves for improved brand perception and on-shelf visibility.

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You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Ask consumers the questions that matter most to your business. Tap into Wiser’s network of crowdsourced shoppers to understand customer attitudes, inform marketing decisions, and launch new products with targeted data in support.

Improve visibility into specific retail channels, especially the ones that have inconsistent, ineffective go-to-market strategies. Get channel insights to improve merchandising and product execution with Wiser’s Channel & Retailer Trends.

Why put up with lagging sales and lost market share to your competitors? Increase your visibility into brick-and-mortar competitors and categories to create more effective sales and marketing strategies. Use Wiser to capture data on competitive positioning, growth trends, market execution, and more.

Do your sales, category, marketing, and field teams have the insights they need to measure displays and secondary placements on the store floor? 

Get Wiser’s Share of Visibility reports to measure the return on investment of these activities in a digestible, actionable format.

With the Wiser capability, we’re obviously getting the pictures, which is super helpful, because you can see what the data actually looks like get a little bit more context, but then they also have in their platform a way for us to drill down to this at a much bigger quantitative scale and code the stores based on what they look like.

Casey Berns

Associate Director Shopper Insights and Category Advisory Services | The Clorox Company

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Wiser has been a game changer for us. There is no doubt our ability to see and understand our shelf presence in real time is a big factor in our success.

Neil Kimberley

Chief Strategy Officer | Essentia

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