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Is your team tired of manually collecting competitive pricing data? Unsure if you have the best prices to attract online shoppers? Unable to respond as quickly as needed in the fast-moving eCommerce world?

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Find your solution with Wiser when you must make the right pricing decisions in an ever-evolving online retail industry.

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Eliminate spreadsheets and manual data collection through automation

Track competitors’ price movements and promotional initiatives

Gain a deeper understanding of product pricing across categories

Monitor pricing trends to better inform your pricing strategy

Does this sound familiar?

Mary is a Chief Marketing Officer. She wants to monitor competitor prices across specific competitor websites and 3rd-party marketplaces to ensure her prices are consistent with what consumers expect to pay. She's looking for a way to improve her return on ad spend. However, Mary lacks the tools needed to track competitors’ prices at scale – costing her time, money, and countless missed sales opportunities.

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Chief Marketing Officer

If so, then check this out:

Find the best fit for your needs. Wiser’s eCommerce Pricing Optimization whitepaper compares in-house to third-party solutions so you can clearly define your pricing goals, identify your ideal solution, and make the right call for your business.

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What about this?

Jeffrey is a Director of eCommerce. He needs to monitor how competitors are discounting their products and use this data to enhance his own promotional efforts. However, Jeffrey’s company has many competitors, and he doesn’t have the bandwidth to track promotional activity across so many sites manually.

I want to Monitor Competitors


Director of eCommerce

Then take a look:

Cut back on that manual effort with Wiser’s Promotional Analysis. Wiser monitors promotions across your competitors’ homepages, Twitter accounts, and emails.

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How online solutions work.

Wiser’s online solutions range from price monitoring to automated repricing. Here’s how they work.

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Eliminate manual monitoring with automated data collection

Monitor for MAP violators, pricing trends, promotions, and more

Analyze data on your personalized online dashboard

Make confident decisions that drive results

It is a Wiser business that knows how to turn data collection into analysis and action.

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