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The talented folks behind online insights partner with Wiser to stop thinking about data and start acting upon it. How? We help you capture competitive intelligence with our online solutions.

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Retailers’ online teams find the value in Wiser solutions when they’re struggling to scale data collection and analysis across channels.

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Protect market price and avoid margin degradation

Reprice products automatically based on predetermined rules

Monitor competitors’ MAP compliance

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Kelly is a sharp Vice President of Insights. She paired with Wiser to increase the frequency of data collection to keep up with her company’s need for competitive pricing information. This gave her greater insight into competitor behavior and helped shape her business strategies.

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VP of Insights

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Achieve your online pricing goals. See how one national retailer partnered with Wiser to optimize prices, track competitors, and improve their business.

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Eric is a skillful Head of Competitor Insights. He collaborated with Wiser to track his competitors’ promotions across homepages, email campaigns, and Twitter accounts. This optimized his promotions and created more effective, visual sales.

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Head of Competitor Insights

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Price with confidence. Learn how to manage promotions, determine price position, and much more with Wiser’s online solutions.

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How online solutions work.

Wiser’s online solutions range from price monitoring to automated repricing. Here’s how it works.

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Eliminate manual monitoring with automated data collection

Monitor for MAP violators, pricing trends, promotions, and more

Analyze data on your personalized online dashboard

Make confident decisions that drive results

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