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Live Share of Display Feed

This is a live feed of the Share of Display at category level at Coles and Woolworths. Come back to this page to see the live data at any time.

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Granularity: Category level – Time period: rolling average over last 4 weeks – Region: Australia

How The Share of Display Report Works

Wiser’s in-house team of retail specialists has crafted a report that makes it simple to see how your brand's visibility compares to other players within the same category, and more. The Share of Display report offers up to seven levels of information, providing a granular look into brand visibility—covering categories, sub-categories, segments, manufacturers, brands, promotional mechanics, and pack types.

    Where We Track:

  • Grocery Stores

  • Liquor Stores

  • Pharmacies

    What We Track:

  • Off-Location Displays

    Our shoppers will take pictures of any branded displays and semi-permanent assets at the store entrance or adjacent to any gondola ends. 

  • Gondola Ends

    We’ll look for any gondola ends at the front and back of the store.

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How to Use Share of Display Reports

Questions Answered:

What is the impact of our display location on volume uplift?

Are we losing market share when we are splitting gondola ends with specific competitors or pack types?

How is our share of display impacting our sales?

What is the impact of our display location on volume uplift?

How visible are we compared to other categories?

Should we benefit from better space allocation based on the growth we generate with our products?

What are the growing categories that might compete indirectly with us for off-location space?

How visible are we compared to our direct and indirect competitors?

Should we claim more off-location space based on our market share and growth?

What are the most impactful and trending POS in store?

How does our promo strategy compare to our competitors?

Are we competing with the right range, or should we boost NPD?

How are our activations executed in store?

Are our SKUs located on the right gondola ends?

What is the level of stock on our products during promo weeks?

What is our display penetration?

Are our displays located in hot zones?

Data Trusted & Tested by Brands

As part of our Perfect Store KPIs share of display is a really important element. The reports enable us to determine trends and activity patterns which then allows us to understand promotional frequency and depth and from that we’re able to strategise and determine what are the right promotional activities that we want to embark on. We utilise that information to ensure that we’re getting the best return on investment for our displays and secondary placements. So it has influenced where we’re investing and how often we’re doing displays.

Mandy Dack

Head of Customer Marketing

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