Market Intelligence

Category Assortment Visibility Without Lifting a Finger.

Your tool for improved visibility into eCommerce retailers—covering pricing, availability, ratings, reviews, and promotions. Our Market Intelligence software keeps you one step ahead of the competition with actionable insights into the markets (and categories) that matter to your business.

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Market Intelligence Product Availability
Market Intelligence Competitive Pricing
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How Market Intelligence Works

Choose your categories and retailers

Decide what type of data you want—tell us the retailers and categories, and we’ll start gathering your insights.

We create the report(s)

Our platform will generate daily reports so you can efficiently run your eCommerce operation and beat the competition.

You make the decisions

Drill down into individual reports for more details and get the intelligence you need to act confidently in a competitive, fast-paced retail channel.

What You Get with Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing and Promotions

Use Wiser’s Market Intelligence platform to get a clear understanding of pricing of products in categories of interest —plus insights into the retailers that drive sales of your brand.

Included in this feature is the ability to see prices and promotions across eCommerce retailers, whether your own or your competitors, so you can identify price positions, promotional opportunities, and category insights that can increase sales. Track historical price trends over time, compare specifications of products, and find matching models across different brands.

Market Intelligence Product Availability

Product Availability

Market Intelligence includes our product availability capability, providing a view of in-stock and out-of-stock products in a chosen category—either your own or your competitors. You also get insights into which products are experiencing shipping delays, granting holistic visibility from the digital shelf to fulfillment.

These insights will help you better understand how your product availability compares to your competition.

Market Intelligence Product Assortment

Product Assortment

Market Intelligence’s product assortment feature provides a straightforward overview of your assortment at different eCommerce retailers and marketplaces.

This capability also enables the comparison of your product assortment to the competition to discover selling opportunities or products you may want to add in the near future.

Market Intelligence Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Market Intelligence gives you visibility into ratings and reviews of different products at different retailers. You'll understand how your products and your customers’ purchase experiences compare to the competition.

Using this tool, you’ll get detailed ratings counts, ratings trends, and negative review counts. You can then take this information and create strategies to resolve negative reviews and improve overall brand perception.

Market Intelligence Alerts Wizard


We know how busy you are, so Market Intelligence sends automated alerts when something important happens. This way, you won’t have to log into the platform or risk missing a crucial notification.

Alerts can be automated when products are added or removed from competitor sites, prices change, or your products earn reviews below a certain rating.

Actionable insights are a conversation away.

We’d love to give you immediate access to our Commerce Execution Suite, but first we need some information. Help us learn about your business so we can recommend an ideal solution.