Wiser Solutions™ Market Intelligence

Comprehensive market intelligence for ultimate visibility into your competitive landscape

Pricing Intelligence

Understand market changes to make educated pricing changes at speed and scale

  • Improve efficiency and turn competitive insights into opportunities by automating price monitoring across your biggest competitors.
  • Multichannel support allows you to monitor price fluctuations on your biggest competitors across any website or marketplace.
  • Visualize how the market is priced helping you manage your relative price position in the competitive landscape, anticipate margin pressures, and boost revenue at the category level.
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Promotional Analysis

Get insight into competitors’ promotional strategies to maximize marketing ROI

  • Understand competitive promotional trends to anticipate demand and enhance your own marketing decisions.
  • Get competitive intelligence that helps deliver compelling promotions to improve sales lift and customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive promotional coverage across email, social networks, and homepages, including a database of historical webpage and email screenshots.
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Private Crowd

Identify opportunities to recapture lost revenue through privately crowdsourced in-store data collection

  • Harness the expertise and knowledge of the people who know your products best to capture more detailed in-store insights.
  • Understand how placement and adjacencies affect your product perception and sales by capturing stock levels, planogram compliance, facing counts, and other key on-shelf indicators.
  • Uncover compliance issues before they impact sales by monitoring promotional displays, end caps, floor stands and more.
  • Maximize the efficiency of each store visit by capturing performance indicators while on site.
  • Capture sentiment with less effort from loyalty groups that are already familiar with your brand or stores.
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