Pricing Use Case

Set the Right Price at the Right Time

Wiser Solutions has all the tools your pricing teams need to manage prices and keep a close eye on the competition thanks to comprehensive business intelligence.

Support your pricing efforts with:

  • Price intelligence and optimization
  • Automated repricing
  • MAP monitoring

Pricing Perfected

Say goodbye to manual pricing. Wiser Solutions’ suite of pricing tools automates your workflows so you can act quickly, save time, and gain visibility into online marketplaces. Instead of being suspicious that a price isn’t perfect, know with confidence that you have the right pricing strategy.

Features Fit for You

Simplify your pricing process with custom retail analytics for your day-to-day flow. Monitor thousands of SKUs—yours or your competitors—plus automate repricing with dynamic rules. Keep tabs on the eCommerce marketplaces that matter to you. With Wiser Solutions, you’ll close any gaps in your pricing strategies and protect your margins.

Go Deeper Beyond Prices

It takes more than simply knowing the price of a SKU to be competitive. While crawling for prices might seem useful on the surface, you need to go deeper to fully capitalize on this knowledge. Wiser Solutions is a robust price intelligence platform that includes analysis, reporting, and repricing on top of crawling.

Gain a Partner in Wiser

Wiser Solutions doesn’t just give you pricing data and leave you to it. We’re a full-service partner that will work with you every step of the way toward pricing perfection, whether you need price intelligence, MAP monitoring, or automated repricing.

Improve your margins. Gain new customers and keep the ones you have. Grow revenue with the right price at the right time. No matter your goals, Wiser is here to help.

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