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    Countless SKUs. Basic pricing rules no longer cutting it. Are you ready to leverage all market signals to reprice with confidence?

    Get enterprise-level dynamic pricing without enterprise-level complexity with Wiser Solutions.*

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    Turn Price Intelligence into Actionable Strategies

    A strong dynamic pricing platform is built upon comprehensive price intelligence. Integrate competitive intelligence data into Wiser’s Price Optimization software to turn visibility into actionability. You can either leverage Wiser’s own price intelligence or bring in your own—the combination of intelligence and dynamic pricing is the backbone of effective pricing strategies.

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    Create Your Complex Repricing Strategies

    Build and automate sophisticated repricing strategies based on real-time market intelligence. Wiser’s price optimization platform accommodates your need for:

    • Complex and compliant business requirements.
    • Flexible and nested pricing rules.
    • Large catalogs, taxonomies, and product attributes.
    • Strict pricing guardrails.
    • Bulk editing and updating.
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    Evaluate and Adapt with a Price Optimization Platform

    Act on your market intelligence to automatically reprice up to millions of SKUs with Wiser’s dynamic pricing software. Go beyond simple price recommendations to develop full pricing strategies within your own dashboard, based on templates designed for enterprise retailers. Or, create your own templates to refine your strategies.

    Multiple dynamic pricing strategies can be active for a given product or set of products at one time, so you can customize your tactics to accommodate the needs of your business.

    *Price Optimization is coming soon. Contact us for more details on availability.

    What’s Coming Soon with Wiser’s Price Optimization Software

    • Product-specific filters for repricing.
    • Product segmentation.
    • Competitor price matching.
    • Margin-driven settings for price boundaries.
    • Limited-time campaign strategies.
    • And more.

    Who's Testing Wiser’s Price Optimization?

    Join your peers to create the future of pricing software.


    • Create advanced pricing rules for complex business requirements.
    • Group product catalogs for easier repricing and analysis.
    • Build price bounds to ensure compliant pricing.
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