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eCommerce visibility you need to beat the competition.

Can you say with confidence what is going on with the competition, prices, and assortment across websites and marketplaces? If not, get holistic marketplace intelligence to build effective eCommerce strategies..

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The Competition Has Nowhere to Hide

Competitive & Category Intelligence

Don’t let a lack of eCommerce data stop you from selling more and increasing your profit margins. Instead, use Wiser’s dashboard to monitor your product catalog, compare prices to competitors, create custom filters, and much more.

Popular capabilities

Price Indexing

See how your prices compare across competitors and categories you care about with a visual heatmap.

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Catalog Intelligence

Compare your catalog to the competition at the SKU-level with a configurable dashboard.

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Competitive Pricing

Improve your understanding of the market with matrices that highlight pricing, promotions, ratings, and reviews.

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A lot of software packages are good at collecting data but not at consolidating it. The pain point for us was that we needed expertise in both the technology as well as how to make the most of the data. The Wiser team and the Wiser technology addressed both.

Rick Caldwell

VP of Technology | Perfect Wedding Guide

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We used to have five people working full-time gathering and inputting data, at a rate of about 200 SKUs a day, but with Wiser, we’ve been able to gather content on roughly 20,000 SKUs in three weeks while cutting our staff down to one person.

Jeff Minor

CIO & CTO | Goedecker’s

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Why Choose Wiser?


We solve the most challenging aspects of data extraction using proxy waterfalls, advanced fingerprinting capabilities, and other tools, giving us the flexibility to address any customer request with the technical backbone to gather data on millions of SKUs.


Our matching is effective thanks to a mix of automated and manual matching, including a machine learning-based approach where we build relationships between products based on shared, indirect identifiers.

Market Capture

We gather category-specific product insights on a continual basis from thousands of websites, leading to a deep understanding of industry trends and the ability to predict changes in the market.

Data Quality

Our data quality is top-notch because we’ve invested in a variety of techniques to deliver quality data, including enhanced normalization methods and an internal commitment to measuring success based on data quality—specifically completeness, consistency, and reliability.

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