Created and based in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technological development in the world, Wiser has extensive experience with clients from the largest eCommerce market on the planet.

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International Expansion

Thorough knowledge of American retail giants like Amazon and eBay was an essential factor for rapid expansion to countries like England, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico, and more. Wiser applies its intelligence and pricing tools to enhance shopping platforms tailored to the specific needs of different markets. With a global presence, Wiser continues expanding to meet the particular demands of each region.

The US eCommerce Market

Wiser has a young, diverse, and multicultural staff, with a team focused on the US eCommerce market, which is projected to grow 10% by 2017.

The Solution

The link between competitive data and internal pricing data for each online store makes Wiser the most comprehensive, fast, and reliable solution on the market. With personalized service, Wiser brings pricing intelligence and dynamic pricing solutions to small and large retailers that want to increase their margins, remain competitive, and always price for profit.