An automated product data retrieval service

Finding missing product data is quick, automated and hassle free. Find UPCs, ASINs, models, brands, photos, MSRPs and more.


Brand name, ASIN, Spec? No problem!

WiseMatch can track down any information you need faster than ever. All it requires is simply downloading a file.


Advanced product tracking technology

WiseMatch utilizes the same technology that has made Wiser an industry leader. With daily updated data for thousands of products, we provide you with the most accurate information possible.

“Quick, automated, and hassle-free. WiseMatch was able to quickly return thousands of UPC matches that would have been very labor-intensive to acquire in-house due to the manual process required to find them. At the same time we got our UPC data we also got Amazon ASIN numbers, product attributes and a report of what products had images.”

-Greg Myers,
Director of Data Integrity at

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