Ferrero Launches Multinational Perfect Store Program with Wiser

Discover how the world’s second-largest confectionary company partnered with Wiser to launch their Perfect Store program to optimize retail execution and grow sales.

As part of a global initiative to expand their footprint in the chocolate and confectionary category, Ferrero partnered with Wiser to launch a Perfect Store program across five countries, involving over 500 field representatives.


Product Availability

The [Perfect Store] program has already achieved a 10% increase in product availability… within just six months.

Ferrero’s Perfect Store program utilizes a combination of Wiser’s Retail Execution Management software and image recognition technology to track key metrics like shelf share, display location, and SKU availability. This enables Ferrero to set precise quality targets and optimize product presentation cost-effectively.


The Perfect Store program’s execution has been extensive:


  • Implemented in six markets, alongside five distributor partners, engaging over 500 field representatives
  • Conducted 240,000 store visits, covering 90% of the retail network across the five countries
  • Analyzed over 1.5 million images with an accuracy rate exceeding 95%

This collaboration sets a new benchmark in retail execution, ensuring Ferrero’s products are optimally positioned to captivate consumer attention and stimulate purchases.

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