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In-store Shelf Health

Measure and analyze key in-store metrics affecting brand identity and sales

  • Measure product stock levels, planogram compliance, facing counts and other key on-shelf indicators uncovering business-critical issues at the store-level.
  • Understand how placement and adjacencies impact sales in individual stores.
  • Evaluate store associates by auditing product knowledge, time-to-assistance, upsells, loyalty program signups, checkout experience, and more.
  • Understand the full customer journey while monitoring brand affinity, shopper loyalty, and customer satisfaction.
  • Expand data aggregation of target demographics at the national and regional level to understand buying behaviors at point-of-purchase and within stores at any time.
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Rule-Based Repricing

Test your product pricing to find the sweet spots with a hands-on semi-automated repricing approach

  • Design and test sophisticated pricing strategies to maximize sales on any website or marketplace.
  • Set customizable repricing rules to A/B test your pricing strategies to optimize product pricing.
  • Implement price guards to protect your margins and ensure that you never price too low.
  • Make better decisions faster by visualizing the impact of different pricing rules on key business metrics to make highly informed pricing decisions.
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Dynamic Repricing

Price faster and smarter based on real-time market fluctuations with our fully automated algorithmic repricing solution

  • Remove human bias with fully automated dynamic pricing as our proprietary machine learning algorithm adapts to marketplace changes in real-time.
  • Cover all your bases as our algorithm takes into countless variables into consideration such as seasonality, competitor prices, historical sales volume via linear regression modeling, demand elasticity, and profitability triggers.
  • Choose your strategy to always present the best price based on your specific business goals, such as maximizing revenue while maintaining margins, or simply maximizing revenue.
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Marketplace Repricing

Strengthen your price position in each marketplace and seamlessly sync your pricing efforts across all your selling channels


  • Maximize profits with Wiser’s Predictive Buy Box algorithm to find the maximum price you can charge while still winning the Buy Box.
  • Target specific sellers (FBA, FBM, featured merchants, etc) and use flexible logic to customize your repricing strategies.
  • Automated repricing up to every 15 minutes allows you to capture every opportunity.

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  • Get comprehensive coverage with Wiser, the only solution that supports both catalog and non-catalog items.
  • Reprice your products to beat eBay’s top sellers by tracking competitor pricing, inventory, and trends over time to identify pricing opportunities.
  • Gain a competitive edge on eBay with a comprehensive set of customizable repricing rules (based on traffic, time of day, sales performance, competitor pricing, etc.) to tailor your pricing to every scenario.

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