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The creative folks behind in-store marketing & sales partner with Wiser to stop thinking about data and start acting upon it. How? We help you increase revenue with our in-store solutions.

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Retailers’ in-store marketing & sales teams find the value in Wiser solutions when they’re struggling to scale in-store intelligence.

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Analyze competitor promotions to increase promotional ROI

Gauge consumer sentiment on in-store merchandising

Measure in-store metrics affecting brand identity and sales

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Lisa is a skilled Senior Vice President of Marketing. She coordinated with Wiser to gain in-store data at scale with a limited impact on her own teams. This improved her teams’ efficiency and effectiveness.

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SVP of Marketing

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Benchmark your stores’ performance. Wiser Scorecards are concise, visual reports that compare top performers, so you can focus your store operations efforts where necessary.

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John is a focused Senior Director of Retail Execution. He partnered with Wiser to combine his in-store teams’ data with Wiser’s public shoppers. This allowed him to acquire more actionable data at scale.

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Senior Director of Retail Execution

Then take a look:

Rely on those who know your business the best. Wiser’s Private Crowd missions are tailored to your on-the-ground teams, so you can acquire more front- and back-of-store data at scale.

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How in-store solutions work.

Wiser’s in-store solutions range from merchandising compliance to shopper sentiment. Here’s how it works.

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Determine which in-store benchmarks to measure

Create custom in-store missions

Deploy network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers or field teams

Validate the data to ensure integrity

Deliver accurate, insightful data to you

Act on insights revealed by the data

It is a Wiser business that knows how to turn data collection into analysis and action.

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