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Does this sound familiar?

Rebecca is a Vice President of eCommerce. Her team is responsible for managing tens of thousands of SKUs and needs to ensure prices are in-line with consumers’ expectations. However, she doesn’t have the time or resources internally to automate this process, nor the bandwidth to ensure that the data is accurate. As a result, her employees spend a lot of time collecting data that’s limited in scope and outdated by the time it ready for review.

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Vice President of eCommerce

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One national retailer had pains like Rebecca’s. See how Wiser helped them optimize prices, track competitors, and improve their business.

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What about this?

Kevin is a Director of eCommerce. He wants to track competitor prices to ensure his business is positioned properly in the industry. The challenge is doing so without too much manual effort from himself and his team—and with data that’s timely and relevant.

I want to track competitors effectively


Director of eCommerce

Then take a look:

Understand your competitors and manage your price position. Wiser’s whitepaper on Market Price Index explains how this is possible and why this is important.

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How eCommerce Solutions Work.

Wiser’s online solutions range from price monitoring to automated repricing. Here’s how they work.

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Eliminate manual monitoring with automated data collection

Monitor pricing trends, price compliance, promotions, and more

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