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Getting conflicting messages from your various data sources? Shelf data inaccurate or incomplete? Spending too much time running pivots and combing through raw data files? Unsure what customers need that they aren't getting today?

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Find your solution with Wiser when you need to make real-time business decisions based on accurate shelf data and business intelligence tools that support your KPIs and timely, same-week data on in-store conditions.

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Monitor stores at scale

Gauge customer sentiment on in-store conditions

Develop and represent the voice of the customer through thoughtful data collection

Does this sound familiar?

Kimberly is a Vice President of Consumer Insights. She needs a better way to monitor her store locations and gather data on in-store shelf health. She wants to streamline data collection and get timely and relevant data on her schedule but doesn’t have the tools or resources to do so.

I want to improve Shelf Health


VP of Consumer Insights

If so, then check this out:

Get more eyes on the ground with mobile crowdsourcing. Discover how this technology helps retailers capture in-store data with ease and at scale.

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What about this?

James is a Director of Global Business Insights. His current data providers can only offer raw data, but he needs so much more – a way to uncover insights that will help him better understand his customers in less time. Running custom pivots and doing raw data analysis only makes James’ job harder, as he must then translate those insights into actionable strategies before the data yield benefits.

I want to understand customers


Director of Global Business Insights

Then take a look:

See how Wiser provides the data and analysis for consumer insights professionals like yourself. We offer a variety of in-store solutions so your retail business can get accurate, trusted, and actionable data.

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How Brick-and-Mortar Solutions Work.

Wiser’s brick-and-mortar solutions range from merchandising compliance to shopper sentiment. Here’s how they work.

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Determine which in-store benchmarks to measure

Create custom in-store missions

Deploy network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers or field teams

Validate the data to ensure integrity

Deliver accurate, insightful data to you

Act on insights revealed by the data

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