Retail Execution

Stop wasting time on efforts that don’t increase revenue.

Can you say with confidence whether your activations and campaigns were executed successfully? If the reality of your planograms, displays, associate trainings, and other efforts match your expectations? If not, use Wiser’s product execution tools to identify compliance issues and prioritize field team activities so your strategies are rolled out correctly.

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More Efficient Retail Sales Execution

Promotional Compliance

Product Recommendations

Shelf Health

Share of Shelf

Workflow & Revenue Optimization

There’s always a gap between what you plan at the office and what is executed on the ground. Identify those gaps and get visibility into your in-store channel to improve promotional compliance and increase sales.

Popular capabilities

Merchandising Accuracy

Assess retailers’ adherence to planogram and display compliance expectations as set by your brand.

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Display Condition Check

Identify whether in-store displays are executed properly and whether the condition of those displays is poor, mediocre, or good.

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Store & Rebate Compliance Metrics

Measure which stores have good rates of compliance with your sales and marketing campaigns.

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Countless hours are spent building resources for retail partners and training store associates. So why would you not check back in to see if everything is running smoothly? Get eyes and ears inside stores to test whether store associates are representing your brand in a positive light.

Popular capabilities

Associate Knowledge

Use mystery shoppers to measure how well store associates know your brand—and whether they can speak about your products accurately.

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Training Validation Checks

Measure the effectiveness of your store associate trainings by deploying mystery shoppers to test associates on predetermined questions.

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Rate of Recommendation

Gain visibility into how often store associates recommend your products compared to competitor products.

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It doesn’t take much for a shopper to choose a competitor’s product. It could be an understocked shelf, a damaged box, or a missing sign.

Instead of leaving this up to chance, measure and improve shelf execution in the stores, regions, and geographies that drive revenue for your brand.

Popular capabilities

On-Shelf Availability

Get store-level visibility into how many products are actually on the store shelf at a given retail location.

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Defect Rates

Send mystery shoppers into stores to track how many products on the shelves are defective or have damaged packaging.

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Signage, Facings, & Price Checks

Check whether your brand signage and prices are displayed properly on the shelf, or if you need to take corrective action inside specific stores.

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Planogram Compliance

Are your planograms set up properly? Find out which stores have good or bad planogram compliance.

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Whether you’re part of an emerging brand or work for a category leader, your teams are all after the same goal: greater share of shelf. Of course, retailers only have a limited amount of space and number of shelves.

Stop pitching your brand and instead become a category expert with Wiser. Our Retail Execution solution equips your reps with better data, in-store projections, and suggestive selling recommendations for all products on the shelf to show the retailer how changes can impact their bottom line.

Popular capabilities

Sales Recommendations

See current and projected sales for all categories based on the actual facings on the shelf vs. recommended facings.

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Facings Trends

Track how facings have changed by product and category over time based on photos of the shelf.

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Shelf Space

Visualize which products are over-spaced and under-spaced in a category, and what the impact would be on that category if updated.

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Project management is often a challenge, especially if you have a team in the field and a team back at headquarters. Make it easy for your field teams to know exactly what to do—based on which locations and efforts will increase revenue the most—with Wiser’s workflow and revenue optimization tools.

Popular capabilities


Access the data required to create, implement, and monitor in-store conditions with customizable dashboards.

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Stay up to date on your field teams with timely alerts that keep you informed regarding on-the-ground activities and analytics.

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Field Team Management

Prioritize field team activities by identifying the best opportunities to increase revenue, then monitor field team performance to effectively project manage your in-store channel.

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With the Wiser capability, we’re obviously getting the pictures, which is super helpful, because you can see what the data actually looks like get a little bit more context, but then they also have in their platform a way for us to drill down to this at a much bigger quantitative scale and code the stores based on what they look like.

Casey Berns

Associate Director Shopper Insights and Category Advisory Services | The Clorox Company

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Wiser has been a game changer for us. There is no doubt our ability to see and understand our shelf presence in real time is a big factor in our success.

Neil Kimberley

Chief Strategy Officer | Essentia

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Why Choose Wiser?

Rules-Based Methodology

Our rules-based methodology applies human-dictated rules to store, sort, and manipulate data. Our network of mystery shoppers capture data at the store-level, and that data is then used to determine whether a rule is met—for example, whether inventory does or not does exist within a promotional display. Then, issues are flagged with you so you can take corrective action.

Dataset Agnostic

Our platform standardizes and normalizes different datasets, such as shipping data, in-store sales data, mystery shopper responses, and other information. We combine data to help surface the most impactful opportunities, making it easy to work across multiple platforms and tools. As a result, you can act quickly, confidently, and efficiently.

Mobile App (formerly Shelvspace)

We develop workflows that ensure more time is spent on revenue-generating activities. Our mobile app (formerly Shelvspace) uses data automation and notifications to alert field teams of the activities worth their time. Our integrated closed-loop communication and reporting provides immediate visibility into your team’s direct impact on business objectives.

Image Recognition

Long a buzzword, image recognition providers have struggled with turning large amounts of data into actionable insights. Our Retail Execution solution overcomes this hurdle by pairing image recognition software with point-of-sale data. This increases rep efficiency and provides real-time suggestive selling recommendations, giving your team clear guidance on how to use the insights during their daily conversations.

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