Wiser Solutions®

Price Intelligence

Get visibility to make informed pricing decisions.

    Poor visibility into market conditions. Competitors' beating you on price. How much revenue and profit are you leaving on the table?

    Get the visibility you need to make smart, informed decisions with Wiser Solutions—across your prices, promotions, and merchandise.

    Monitor Prices at Scale

    Wiser locates and gathers prices daily so you see the online prices your customers see and know whether your prices are what they're willing to pay.

    Wiser's price monitoring platform takes into account where competitors’ products are sold online, whether that’s from a competing merchant website, online marketplace, or comparison shopping engine.

    You can monitor competitor prices for your entire product assortment or limit your focus to your most important merchandise. Either way, the data you receive will always be accurate and timely so you can:

    • Track your most important competitors online.
    • See their prices across online channels, including shipping (if available).
    • Identify when and where they adjust prices.

    Wiser can also monitor add-to-cart and location-based prices to deliver total insight into your pricing landscape.

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    Compare Prices with Ease

    See how your prices compare at a product, brand, or category level. Determine where you lose out to competitors and how you can adjust your pricing and promotional strategies to win.

    Wiser takes into account each item’s condition as well as variations at the SKU level that may affect price, such as size, color, and more . This way, you’re able to make apples-to-apples price comparisons on all your products.

    For retailers interested in monitoring prices on marketplaces, Wiser also captures information about specific sellers, including which ones have:

    • Amazon Buy Box ownership.
    • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) products.
    • Top-Rated Seller status on eBay.

    Win with Smarter Prices

    Grow sales and improve margins with a more structured approach to product pricing and promotions with the use of price recommendations and 3rd-party integrations.

    Wiser minimizes the complexity of managing prices across channels by allowing you to:

    • Select which competitors you want to compare.
    • Protect margins with the right prices.
    • Quickly see price recommendations when competitors’ prices change.

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Price Monitoring Software

    • Manage prices across one or many online marketplaces and webstores.
    • View competitor prices, create pricing rules, and manage prices.
    • View your price position in relation to competitors at a brand or category level.
    • Monitor competitor price changes over time at an individual SKU level.
    • See recommended prices to determine how to price and discount your products.
    • Pricing data is delivered in a format that fits your tech stack.

    Third-Party Integrations for Wiser’s Price Monitoring Software

    Monitor prices directly within the Wiser platform by integrating with third-party providers.

    Contact us for the full list of third-party integrations.

    Wiser Solutions® Global Price Intelligence Reach

    Price intelligence for your business where it matters most.

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    * United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand

    Who Uses Wiser’s Price Intelligence?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's retail analytics.


    • Research prices before major marketing launches to prepare for success.
    • Look up competitor prices on specific product lines to inform marketing tactics.
    • Monitor price changes over time to make the right marketing decisions at the right time.
    • Monitor and manage prices across multiple online channels.
    • See pricing recommendations to determine how your prices compare against competitors.
    • Grow your online channels with minimal effort and tailor pricing strategies to your goals.
    • Get category and brand-specific pricing insights.
    • Break down large scale product catalogs into manageable groupings.
    • Manage head, core, or tail SKUs and similar segments.
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