Price Management

The support you need to craft effective pricing strategies.

Can you say with confidence that you have the most effective pricing strategies? The best balance of that human touch and automation? The insights you need into competitor prices? If not, level up your price execution with a suite that can analyze and reprice regardless of your sophistication and catalog size.

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An Engine for Your Pricing

Price Intelligence

Assortment & Availability Intelligence

Price Optimization

Infer which pricing strategies your competitors are using. See how their prices compare to your prices. Understand historical trends that can help you build your next strategy.


Get these insights—and more—with Wiser’s price intelligence software, giving you the visibility needed to remain competitive online.

Popular capabilities

Price Indexing

See how your prices compare across competitors and categories you care about with a visual heatmap.

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Catalog Intelligence

Compare your prices to the competition at the SKU-level with a configurable dashboard.

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Product Details

Gain access to historical and competitive pricing at the SKU-level with Product Details, including margin and shipping price.

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Visualize data for entire categories across multiple marketplaces. Capture stock availability for your online channels. Spot supply chain issues before they creep in.

With Wiser’s assortment and availability intelligence, you can manage assortment strategy and partnerships, preempt supply chain issues by retailer, and share insights into retail performance for specific categories.

Popular capabilities

Product Availability

Acquire full market visibility of retailers’ product availability to help with catalog strategy and strategic partnerships.

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Competitive Assortment

Make confident decisions about entire categories to increase sales. See which products retailers are carrying and adjust your assortment in response.

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Save time and manage complex pricing strategies easier than ever before.

Use price optimization if you want to say goodbye to manual workflows and Excel sheets and say hello to automated solutions tailored to your needs.

Popular capabilities


Optimize prices automatically with customizable, nested repricing rules and seamlessly apply event-driven, category-specific price changes.

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Strategy Prioritization

Improve financial performance by setting the right price or promotional strategy for the market. Prioritize multiple pricing strategies so no SKUs are left behind.

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Workflow Automation

Mitigate risk by previewing the impact of pricing strategies before they go live, plus view a step-by-step audit trail to speed up troubleshooting.

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Since 2014 when we started using Wiser, their tools have been critical in our growth into a business doing $10 million-plus per year, which has been a growth of over 20 times since 2014.

Alexander Lans

President and CEO | Foal LLC

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Wiser was integral in automating our pricing intelligence and understanding the specific challenges we faced as an eCommerce platform.

Matt Stocks

Vendor Account Analyst | Belami eCommerce

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Why Choose Wiser?


We solve the most challenging aspects of data extraction using proxy waterfalls, advanced fingerprinting capabilities, and other tools, giving us the flexibility to address any customer request with the technical backbone to gather data on millions of SKUs.


Our matching is effective thanks to a mix of automated and manual matching, including a machine learning-based approach where we build relationships between products based on shared, indirect identifiers.

Workflow Management

We care about creating a product suite that optimizes your workflows, not just presenting data. We use feedback from customers to develop workflows that are effective with large datasets, align disparate business objectives, and provide different levels of sophistication based on your comfort level.

Rules-Based Methodology

Our rules-based methodology applies human-dictated rules to store, sort, and manipulate data. We gather product and pricing data across multiple sources, so you can set up complex pricing strategies and custom rule execution.

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