Park Slope Outlet

About Park Slope Outlet

Park Slope Outlet was established in 2014 with the mission to provide customers with the best products, product value, and customer service. They excel in keeping customers happy, with 30 years of combined staff eCommerce experience and over 100 years combined experience in retail and packaged good sales

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“We saw about a 19% increase in sales volume year over year.”

Matt Adamo, eCommerce Manager
Park Slope Outlet

Frustrations on eBay and Beyond

  • 1Manual repricng SKU by SKU for their entire product catalog
  • 2Frequent marketplace changes that required hours of tedious repricing
  • 3Unaware of which competitors they should be repricing against

Wiser’s Automated Repricing Made Sales Growth Possible

  • 1Reprices using a keyword based categorization system on eBay
  • 2Sets who to compete against based on price, ratings, condition, and more
  • 3Avoids a race to the bottom with the help of pricing histories and customizable rules