For retailers, it’s all about offering the right product, at the right time, at the right price. We bring Amazon’s wisdom to the world’s top merchants by monitoring over 45 million products daily and analyzing data in real-time.

Wiser is a product by retailers, for retailers. Our founding team is composed of eCommerce experts that were involved in all facets of the eCommerce space on the retailer, consulting, and technology sides. We have the advantage of having not only the technological expertise, but the merchandising and marketing understanding. As a result, we built Wiser and developed optimal functionality from the retailer’s perspective.

We developed our own advanced product tracking technology and launched in August 2012 with WisePricer, our first product. An innovator in price intelligence, we have since leveraged that technology to successfully launch the growing suite of Wiser products designed to meet the business intelligence needs of both retailers and manufacturers.

Hitting profitability in less than 9 months, Wiser prides itself on being one of the rare startups in the Bay Area that was able to completely bootstrap to profitability without venture capital investment and continues to grow at a staggering 30-35% rate, month over month.

Meet the team Open positions


Chuck Geiger

Chuck is a former EVP of and has worked as the CTO for Chegg, Travelocity, and Paypal.

Oren Zeev

Oren has been the lead investor in Chegg, Audible, Houzz, and many other profitable businesses.


Mark was the former CTO at eBay and is currently the CTO at BEA Systems.


Barry was formerly the CFO of Netflix, and is currently a board member at Pandora, EventBrite, and Wealthfront.


Don is founder and CEO at Audible and is also an EVP at Amazon.


Dovi is the Founder and President of SG, LLC., and Managing Partner of SGVC.


Carsten is the Co-founder & President of hybris Group, and President of SAP's CEC business (SAP's fastest growing division).


Vaizra Invests in exceptional founders who provide unique solutions to large markets.



Brandon serves as the CEO at and sits on the Adobe/Omniture Customer Advisory Board.


George was the Director of Category Management at Wayfair and previously a Platform Manager at Staples.


Sean is a former VP at Clearslide and Trulia. He is currently at Correlation Ventures.


Richard was a Senior Advisor at KKR. His portfolio includes Toys R Us, US Foods, and Pets at Home.


A graduate of Harvard Business School, John was an associate consultant at Bain & Company and is currently the VP of Pricing and Profitability at Wayfair.

Izzy Cohen

Izzy is a Wiser alumni, previously the director of product and pricing strategy. He is currently at Sigmento.