Automate retail data collection, analysis, and workflows to capitalize on opportunities to optimize your business

In-store Shelf Health

Measure and analyze key in-store metrics affecting brand identity and sales

  • Measure product stock levels, planogram compliance, facing counts and other key on-shelf indicators uncovering business-critical issues at the store-level.
  • Understand how placement and adjacencies impact sales in individual stores.
  • Evaluate store associates by auditing product knowledge, time-to-assistance, upsells, loyalty program signups, checkout experience, and more.
  • Understand the full customer journey while monitoring buying behaviors, brand affinity, shopper loyalty, and customer satisfaction.
  • Expand data aggregation of target demographics at the national and regional level to get the full picture.
Rule-based Repricing

Test your product pricing to find the sweet spots with customizable repricing rules

  • Design and test sophisticated pricing strategies to maximize sales on any website or marketplace.
  • Set customizable repricing rules to A/B test your pricing strategies to optimize product pricing.
  • Implement price guards to protect your margins and ensure that you never price too low.
  • Make better decisions faster by visualizing the impact of different pricing rules on key business metrics to make highly informed pricing decisions.
Marketplace Repricing

Strengthen your price position and seamlessly sync your pricing efforts across all your selling channels

  • Reprice to outperform the competition, win the Buy Box, and maximize your Amazon store's profits.
  • Target specific sellers (FBA, FBM, featured merchants, etc.) and use flexible logic to customize your repricing strategies.
  • Automated repricing up to every 15 minutes to capture every opportunity.
  • The only solution that supports both catalog and non-catalog items.
  • Beat eBay’s top sellers by tracking competitor pricing, inventory, and trends over time to identify pricing opportunities.
  • Gain a competitive edge with customizable repricing rules to tailor your pricing to every scenario.
In-Store Price Optimization

Give in-store margins a lift through markdown and promotional price optimization that is both actionable and profitable

  • Grow margins by optimizing markdown and promotional pricing at the Store, Cluster or Chain-level.
  • Sell through committed inventory faster by identifying which collections or styles of product are ready to move to clearance.
  • Streamline your workflow by setting store-specific markdowns without having to evaluate pricing on a store-by-store basis.
  • Improve sales forecasting by evaluating the financial impact of price changes and localized markdowns prior to making them.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing Data Warehouse, BI or Point of Sale systems.

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