Wiser Solutions™ Optimization

Automate retail data collection, analysis, and workflows to capitalize on opportunities to optimize your business

In-store Shelf Health

Measure and analyze key in-store metrics affecting brand identity and sales

  • Measure product stock levels, planogram compliance, facing counts and other key on-shelf indicators uncovering business-critical issues at the store-level.
  • Understand how placement and adjacencies impact sales in individual stores.
  • Evaluate store associates by auditing product knowledge, time-to-assistance, upsells, loyalty program signups, checkout experience, and more.
  • Hold your merchandising partners accountable and direct their logistics using real-time in-store data.
Online Repricing

Optimize your pricing by setting customizable repricing rules across each of your online sales channels

  • Implement pricing strategies to maximize sales on your webstore and across marketplaces (including Amazon and eBay), all in one place
  • Seamlessly sync your pricing efforts to maintain price parity across multiple marketplaces and sites to stay in compliance
  • Put price guards in place to protect your margins and ensure that you never price too low
  • Strengthen your price position to capture additional online sales
In-Store Price Optimization

Give in-store margins a lift through markdown and promotional price optimization that is both actionable and profitable

  • Grow margins by optimizing markdown and promotional pricing at the Store, Cluster or Chain-level.
  • Sell through committed inventory faster by identifying which collections or styles of product are ready to move to clearance.
  • Streamline your workflow by setting store-specific markdowns without having to evaluate pricing on a store-by-store basis.
  • Improve sales forecasting by evaluating the financial impact of price changes and localized markdowns prior to making them.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing Data Warehouse, BI or Point of Sale systems.

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