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The online retail industry is incredibly saturated, competitive, and constantly changing. How are you going to keep up?

“The Internet arena is competitive and unforgiving. WisePricer levels the playing field and gives me the tools I need to win.”


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Take Part In The Pricing Revolution

In retail it’s all about providing the right product at the right time at the right price. Wiser gives online retailers the tools to price with confidence. We provide you with the pricing and merchandising intelligence, automation, and analysis you need to get ahead of the competition and win over more online customers.

Beyond Competitive Intelligence

More than just raw data; Wiser gives you the insights to bring your pricing strategy to the next level. Use customizable repricing rules to A/B test your pricing strategy, or fully automate repricing using our dynamic pricing algorithm. See the results in real-time, justify the profit and revenue impact, and make highly informed, optimized pricing decisions.

Automate repricing and continously optimize with Wiser.


Price Intelligence | Rule-Based Repricing | Price Optimization


Gain valuable insights by tracking your competition. Automate repricing by creating customized dynamic pricing rules and find the pricing sweet spots to achieve the ideal pricing structure. With seamless sync to your webstore or marketplace store (Amazon, eBay), retailers can perfect their pricing regardless of the online channel they’re selling on.


Benchmark your inventory against the competition. View overlapping products and identify gaps in assortment.

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Missing product data? No problem. Build your own product catalog for as low as 20¢/SKU.

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Dynamic Pricing | Fully-Automated Repricing | Machine-Learning Technology


WiseDynamic leverages historic sales data to create a demand estimation engine. Our self-learning algorithm aggregates pricing variables to set an optimal price and continuously adjusts to the dynamic marketplace.

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Why Clients Love Wiser

Retailers using Wiser for repricing have seen:


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Profit


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