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Leveraging Real-time Data to Outsell your Competition

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About the Webinar

Join Sam Moses, CEO of RetailOps and Luke Lin, Head of Pricing and Analytics at Wiser as they discuss:

  • Managing your product data and inventory levels
  • Driving intelligent reorders to avoid overselling and underselling
  • Capitalizing on competitive pricing and inventory data
  • Finding the optimal price for your products and reprice accordingly
  • and more!

What is Wiser?

Wiser levels the retail playing field with data-driven pricing, assortment, automation, and analytics.

  • Seamless sync with your storefront
  • Real-time product price monitoring
  • Monitor multiple competitors
  • Repricing and out-of-stock store alerts
  • Automated repricing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Sync multiple stores and/or marketplaces

Retailers using Wiser for pricing are seeing:






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