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Introducing MPI: Wiser's Market Price Index

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About the White Paper

Wiser’s Market Price Index White Paper Answers:

  • What’s the significance of MPI?
  • How does Amazon’s pricing strategy work?
  • How does MPI apply to your business?
  • What impact does MPI hold outside of pricing?

Download your copy now to learn our findings from monitoring Amazon’s pricing strategy with MPI.

What is Wiser?

Wiser levels the retail playing field with data-driven pricing, assortment, automation, and analytics.

  • Seamlessly syncs with your storefront to monitor product prices in real time
  • Monitor multiple competitors
  • Repricing and out-of-stock store alerts
  • Automated repricing
  • Sync multiple stores and/or marketplaces with advanced analytics

Retailers using Wiser for pricing are seeing:






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