Customized pricing solutions, no matter your product

As a specialty retailer, monitoring the prices of similar items can be tricky when selling one-of-a-kind or rare items, but WisePricer has you covered. Our customizable platform equips you with the intelligence to price for profit around the clock.

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Pricing Solutions for Your Industry

144 Products Require Actions:

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Price Increase
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Price Reduction
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150 items:
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industries-chart_red86 items (60%) are NOT Optimized

Competitive Intelligence

Specialty retailers find it challenging to compare like products due to complexity of variations, but competitive benchmarking is essential to maximizing revenue. We offer pricing intelligence through our advanced product tracking technology, that will show you competitors’ prices and how they change over time.

Automated Repricing

Whether you’re trying to remain competitive on commodity items, or positioning yourself as a prestige retailer, your pricing strategy is customizable. Easily set dynamic rules to change product prices according to competitor prices, conversion rates, site traffic, sales performance, time of sales, and more! Pricing for profit is easy with WisePricer.

Advanced Analytics

Data is great, but analysis is better. If you’re using WisePricer’s automated repricing, you can easily A/B test your pricing strategy. See the results for each of your pricing rules, justify the impact on profitability and/or revenue, and make highly informed, optimized pricing decisions.

Product Assortment

Specialty retailers often struggle with providing the right assortment of luxury and mass products. Our Assortment feature all ows you to understand how your inventory compares to competitors to make sure you’re carrying the right mix. Monitor products that overlap, and see what products you should be selling that your competitors already are.